LinkedIn: An Introduction


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The first part of a hands-on workshop, introducing participants to LinkedIn's setup, features, and capabilities.

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LinkedIn: An Introduction

  1. 1. LinkedIn Workshop Anna Van Scoyoc 2012 August 22 609.737.2610 Image nan palermo: Linkedin Chocolates
  2. 2. Agendao Overviewo Building Your Profileo Interacting/Networking/Connectingo Q&Ao Break in the Actiono Hands-ono Q&A
  3. 3. Image Courtesy of mariosundar: LinkedIn Logo
  4. 4. CC Image Courtesy of ssteacher: Day 102/365
  5. 5. CC Image Courtesy ofÉole: Mankind
  6. 6. Source: Who Really Uses LinkedIn?
  7. 7. CC Image Courtesy of torres21: BLC07_ 051
  8. 8. Ready...Set...Go!!!CC Image Courtesy of amirjina: Start!
  9. 9. LinkedIn Profile
  10. 10. Account Setup
  11. 11. Be prepared with...• Contact information o email o phone o website• Updated resume o Job history o Education• Additional information o Projects (ongoing and completed) o Summary of qualifications
  12. 12. Be prepared with...• Headshot (yes, a photo of yourself) o 4 MB limit o Professional• Keywords to describe your skills & expertise o Searchable terms to identify your abilities o e.g., Ability to Identify, Set, and Achieve Goals; Sales Management; Sense of Humor; Personal Finance; Linux, Information Systems; Time Management Skills, SQL, etc......
  13. 13. Filling In Your Profiles InfoCC Image TheSeafarer: LinkedIn Pent
  14. 14. Connect, Interact, Network...CC Image courtesy of Nomadic Lass: Peaceful Resolution
  15. 15. Connecting with OthersCC Image courtesy of quinn.anya: Hello, my name is anonymous
  16. 16. Join Groups
  17. 17. Group Discussions/Polls
  18. 18. Follow Group Influencers
  19. 19. Job Boards via Groups
  20. 20. Use Polls!!!
  21. 21. An Inside Look at Groups, etc.CC Image smile23le: LinkedIn Centipede Participants in the 2010 ING Bay to Breakers
  22. 22. Connect, Interact, Network...• Add Connections o from your email contacts o past/current colleagues o former classmates/alumni groups o tip: add a note to your LinkedIn connection invite• Use LinkedIn to stay connect w/ people you meet o networking is an ongoing process o tip: add a note to your LinkedIn connection invite
  23. 23. Connect, Interact, Network...• Join Groups and Participate o search for groups by interests/specialties, alumni associations, professional organizations, industry topics, etc. o participate and start discussions and polls o keep up with job boards o look at each week’s group influencers o receive email digests• Ask for/Provide Recommendations• Follow Relevant/Interesting Companies
  24. 24. Connect, Interact, Network...• Use email digests to stay abreast of connections’ o industry news items o career changes o professional updates• Use Applications to Engage/Interact o SlideShare Presentations o Tweets o My Travel o Polls
  25. 25. Q&ACC Image Leo Reynolds: Educational Block ?
  26. 26. Resources• LinkedIn Learning Center o• LinkedIn Blog o
  27. 27. Anna Van Scoyocavanscoy@mcl.org609.737.2610