Facebook Basics


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A basic introduction to setting up a Facebook account

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  • A portal for social networking Allows users to: Connect and interact with family/friends online Share photos, links, and videos Email and Instant Message with other FB usders Join online community organizations and interest groups
  • 2004, February: Mark Zuckerberg and four others launch Facebook 2004, March: Expands from Harvard to Stanford, Columbia & Yale 2004, December: Reaches nearly 1 million active users 2005, September: Expands to add high school networks 2006, September: Expands registration so anyone can join 2009, July: Reaches over 250 million users
  • Home, Profile, Friends, Inbox Profile pictures Wall Information Friends Info Tab Photos Tab Ads Chat
  • Skip steps 1 and 2 re: adding friends [for the time being] Add as much information as you feel comfortable “ Friend” those people you know in real life. Set basic privacy settings Settings --> Privacy Settings --> Profile I advise to set everything to “Friends Only”
  • Click on Settings --> Privacy Settings Set settings to “Friends Only” in the following areas: Profile, Search, News Feed and Wall Uncheck anything you don’t understand I recommend unchecking everything under the Settings in Applications
  • Source: Christopher Null, PC World, http://www.macworld.com/article/141982/2009/08/facebooketiquette.html Consider how many friends you really want Go easy on the updates Keep quizzes to yourself Limit Facebook chat No poking Avoid “Group think” Think before posting embarrassing photos Tag lightly Untag as you please Feel free to ignore requests
  • Facebook Basics

    1. 1. Facebook Basics Anna M. Van Scoyoc Reference Librarian, Part-Time Hopewell Branch Library, MCLS [email_address]
    2. 2. Tonight’s Outline <ul><li>Facebook: Social Networking </li></ul><ul><li>Brief History of Facebook </li></ul><ul><li>Anatomy of a Profile </li></ul><ul><li>Create Account and Set Privacy Features </li></ul><ul><li>Facebook Etiquette Tips </li></ul>
    3. 3. Facebook (FB ) is . . . Image: 'Jump on the social media bandwagon' www.flickr.com/photos/73532212@N00/2945559128
    4. 4. What is Social Networking? Social Networking in Plain English by CommonCraft via http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6a_KF7TYKVc#
    5. 5. Brief History of Facebook Image: 'facebook website screenshot' www.flickr.com/photos/15507194@N00/3376955055
    6. 6. Anatomy of a Profile Page
    7. 7. Create a Facebook Account
    8. 8. Privacy Settings Image: 'Privacy is not a crime' www.flickr.com/photos/10832246@N06/1433052868
    9. 9. Settings -- Privacy
    10. 10. Privacy -- Profile -- Basic Custom Settings w/ “ Friend Lists”
    11. 11. Privacy -- Profile -- Contact Info Custom Settings w/ “ Friend Lists” Custom Settings w/ “ Friend Lists”
    12. 12. Privacy -- Search
    13. 13. Privacy -- News Feed & Wall -- Actions within Facebook Anna recommends “unchecking” all options
    14. 14. Privacy -- News Feed & Wall -- Facebook Ads Anna recommends selecting “ No one”
    15. 15. Privacy -- Applications <ul><li>Two areas to manage your settings: </li></ul><ul><li>Settings -- Privacy Settings -- Applications </li></ul><ul><ul><li>For general settings </li></ul></ul><ul><li>AND </li></ul><ul><li>Settings -- Application Settings </li></ul><ul><ul><li>For listing of individual applications </li></ul></ul>
    16. 16. Privacy -- Applications -- Settings Anna recommends “ unchecking” all options
    17. 17. Privacy -- Settings -- Applications Settings Individually set settings for each application via “Edit Settings”
    18. 18. Facebook Etiquette Image: 'Mind Your Manners by Claire Wallace (1953)' www.flickr.com/photos/49531720@N00/1528290674