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  • CNET --> We provide you with information, tools, and advice that help you decide what to buy and how to get the most out of your tech. --> guides you as to what to buy and when to buy upgrade to know best time to buy, new models timeline, eOpinions --> reviews by consumers like you.... print periodicals via internet
  • Privacy Security
  • Alternative payment methods: expanded buyer-protection program --> entire price is eligible for a refund act as a middleman and hold your personal info so that you don't have to give it to unfamiliar sellers option to pay without piling more debt on your credit cards Use a credit card or a prepaid credit card ( NOT a debit card) If you have a problem with the purchase or your debit card number is stolen, it's a huge hassle to get the money restored to your account and make your card number safe and secure again. Print off or save a copy of your order to your computer Do NOT send your credit card number via an email!!! Check out the site’s privacy policy (re: sharing info with 3rd party vendors) If on WiFi, ensure you’re using a SECURE wireless spot (not public access) Avoid using public computers (e.g., library computers, cybercafes) unless you know they are “wiped clean” at log out.
  • consumer reviews @ your fingertips

    1. 1. Consumer Reviews @ Your FingertipsAnna Van Scoyoc2012 December 12avanscoy@mcl.orgCC Image Fosforix: E-Commerce Visa (Test tamron 17-50 2.8)
    2. 2. Outline• Smart Shopping (or "BYB") o Product Research  Library Resources  Websites o Retailer Reputation• Comparison Shop o Websites o Online Couponing• If You Buy Online• Q&A
    3. 3. Reviews: ProductsCC Image Daniel*1977: Done and not done
    4. 4. Tools for Locating Product Reviews• Periodicals (via your public librarys website) o Consumer Reports o PC Magazine o etc.• CNET --> o offers "expert" AND "regular joe" reviews• Decide -->• Epinions -->
    5. 5. Reviews: RetailersCC Image Daniel*1977: Done and not done
    6. 6. Tools for Locating Retailer Reputation• Better Business Bureau o• Use Social Media Products o Business Facebook Page o Search Twitter →• Within other Consumer Product Sites o Pricegrabber → o →
    7. 7. Stretch that DollarCC Image Tax Credits: Money
    8. 8. Tools for Comparing Prices• Pricegrabber o• o• Google Product Search o• Product Review Tools o CNET, Decide, etc. (discussed on slide #4)
    9. 9. Online Couponing (aka Discount Codes)• Retail Me Not o• My Coupons o• Coupon Mountain o• Free Shipping o
    10. 10. If You Shop Online...CC Image I amI.A.M.: Caution: Dancers Shopping
    11. 11. Tools to Protect Yourself• Security o Icons as indicators o URL --• Pay Smart o Use Credit Card or Prepaid Credit Card (Using a Debit Card is a "no-no") o Create an account via an alternative payment method  Google Checkout  PayPal• Privacy Policy → 3rd Party "Opt Out"
    12. 12. Q&ACC Image Leo Reynolds: Educational Block ?
    13. 13. Anna Van Scoyocavanscoy@mcl.org609.737.2610