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General Info about Popupster project

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  1. 1. Online Pop-Up Builder Popupster.com
  2. 2.  Online Pop Up Builder for most popular CMS  Was founded in 2013  Our team – 5 members (CEO, CTO, 2 programmers, marketer)
  3. 3. Pop Up is a new in-site window appearing on your web page with information, advertising or contact form.
  4. 4.  How to convert visitors into users and costumers? What else site owner can do to increase a conversion rate?  Traditional tools do not work as well as before (banners, news on the main page, email subscription form, etc.)  Pop Up Outsource/In-house Development is too expensive: - 1 template – 300-400$, 1-3 weeks - 1 image for pop up – 25-30$, 1-5 days - Inside programmer and designer salary – 3 000$ a month  There is no simple pop up builder for non-IT and non-design specialists that can be mastered in a few minutes and that contain templates, images, hints&tips how to lasso your potential client Conclusion: Simple and full-scale pop up builder is needed!
  5. 5. Experiment What: Use of Pop Up with Contact form (free lesson offer) Where: 2 commercial and 3 informational sites When: during 3 months Results:  We received 30% of requests from commercial web site and 88% requests from informational website generated by pop up  Amount of spam and rejected requests was less than 9% Conclusion: Pop Up is an effective way to get visitors’ contacts.
  6. 6. Pop Up Offers could be found everywhere in the Runet: forbes.com, vedomosti.ru, cnews.com, esetnod32.ru, raw2013.ru, westudy.in, trendsbrands.ru и многие другие.
  7. 7.       Simple and easy to use: Non-professional can build a pop up within 15 minutes in just 5-6 steps. Huge Media Library and dozens of templates for any marketing purpose (to collect contact details, to inform about special offer, to attract to the group on Facebook, to show commercial, etc.) Possibility to create your own design Flexible display settings Special modules for the most popular CMS Detailed Statistics, A/B Testing
  8. 8. Popupster is an international project. The main market areas are USA, Asia, Western Europe, CIS B2C market, especially small and medium-sized business: • e-commerce, • services (private medical practitioner, veterinarian, lawyers, babysitters, dog walkers, artists, tutors, etc.), • web media (news portal, tv channel web page, Internet encyclopedia – as an advertising tool), • infobusiness, • big businesses ready to use new marketing tools
  9. 9. Main competitor – WordPress Pop Up Builder http://www.popupdomination.com/live/ Weaknesses: too long code, only contact form template, no media library, for wordpress mainly, outside contact list, too difficult to install additional templates, conflicts with other plugins, non-compatible with Adsense -> loss of positions in SE, need to be shortened, simple only for webmasters Strengths: 6 templates, 16 color options, works with all mailing list providers  Outside Russia http://www.crossui.com/RAD/Builder.html http://popinbuilder.icoder.com/ http://robertplank.com/popup/ http://www.navsurf.com/dhtml/winopen/  In Russia and CIS: Free and paid rigid scripts: http://ucoz-ok.at.ua/publ/html_i_css/html/sozdaem_novoe_okno/10-1-0-17 http://sitear.ru/material/jquery-popup-okno http://adminstation.ru/popup/ 
  10. 10.    Well-qualified Project Team Unsatisfied Demand Lack of Competition • No direct competitors • Project is only 3 months old • It’s necessary to bring a new brand PopUpSter out
  11. 11.  Freemium model: basic features are for free. But all the pop ups would be marked Popupster ©. More than all free pop ups would be displayed in common media library.  To get rid of PopUpSter reference or is to get additional features then a user need to choose one of the three plans: Economy, Business and First Class with pricing 30$, 150$ and 1000$ per month accordingly.  Some exclusive options are at extra cost (extended analytics, exclusive design, special photo stocks images purchase).
  12. 12.         Strategic Alliances with well-known B2B companies noncompetitive with Popupster (for example, LiveInternet, LiveTex, Kaspersky, Wix, Axure, Tint, etc.) Affiliate Program Professional blogs and advertising (Mashable, TechCrunch, Siliconrus, RbtH, etc.) Contextual Advertising Conference Attendance Modules for popular CMS Guerilla Marketing Educational Marketing (Articles, Interviews, Webinars)
  13. 13. Available features:  Visual editor  Download your own image  Change the size of the image and pop up  Add forms and text blocks  Assign title, text, link  Specify the terms of pop up appearance  Fix pop up appearance effect Access to demo version: popupster.com/account/logon Log in: demo@popupster.com Password: password
  14. 14.  Viacheslav Davidenko, CEO, Investment Management. MEPhI’89, Chicago EMBA’03  Aida Legrand – CTO (product development) UdSU’00  Anna Chaschina – CMO, client management RSUH’10  David Pantsoulaya – leading developer NRU HSE-MIEM, Faculty of Information Technology and Computer Engineering’05
  15. 15.  Released beta version – November’13  Full beta version – December’13  Start marketing – January’ 14  Photo stock integration – February’ 14  CMS Modules – March-April’ 14
  16. 16. Our contact details http://www.Popupster.com Viacheslav Davidenko, 8 (916) 916-99-66 info@popupster.com 16/23, 1ya Tverskaya-Yamskaya, entrance. 1, 4th Floor Moscow, 125047, Russia