Euro 2012


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Some info about European Football Championship

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Euro 2012

  1. 1. • 16 national teams take part in EURO 2012Football Championship final tournament• The final tournament starts on 8th June 2012and finishes on 1st July 2012• The opening ceremony takes place inWarsaw• The opening match play Poland againstGreece in Warsaw• The matches are played in 8 stadiums• The final match is played in Kiev
  2. 2. This trophy ismade of silver. Itis called HenryDelanuay’strophy
  3. 3. •First final Euro Football Championshiptourmanent was in 1960 in France•Last winner was Spain in 2008•The most times winner was Germany•Last finals was in 2008 in Austria andSwitzerland•2012 European Football Championship isin Poland and Ukraine•The most goals in Euro final tourmamentsscored Michael Platini(9)
  5. 5. Franciszek Smuda
  6. 6. Oleg Błochin
  7. 7. Warsaw - Warszawa Gdańsk
  8. 8. Wrocław Poznań
  9. 9. Kharkov Donetsk
  10. 10. Kiev Lviv
  11. 11. Polish UkrainianKoko Koko Euro Spoko by Wboliwaj by Dmutro HołubJarzebina
  12. 12. Andrzej Węgiel, Bartosz Sobolewski, Kacper Markowicz, Class 6b, SP 9 Dzierżoniów, Poland