Mothers Instinct      ’Liverpool and The Wirral’s premier baby & toddler showSunday 20th March 2011 (12.00 - 5.00pm)Thornt...
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Mothers Instinct premier baby show Wirral/Liverpool/Chester


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Liverpool/Wirral/Chester Premier baby show.Over 50 companies exhibiting their products and services by demonstrations and trading on the day. If you would like to be a part of this please contact me.

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Mothers Instinct premier baby show Wirral/Liverpool/Chester

  1. 1. Mothers Instinct ’Liverpool and The Wirral’s premier baby & toddler showSunday 20th March 2011 (12.00 - 5.00pm)Thornton Hall Hotel & SpaNeston Road, Thornton Hough, Wirral CH63 1JFExhibitor Pack Creative produced by
  2. 2. Mothers Instinct ’ Liverpool and The Wirral’s premier baby showGiving baby and toddler the best start at Mothers InstinctMothers Instinct, a unique show bringing quality businesses from the Wirral, Cheshire andMerseyside areas together from the Pregnancy, Baby and Toddler markets. The idea is tooffer a unique and exciting shopping experience, expert information, advice andentertainment and deliver a great family day out.RDA Events look to add value to the visitor experience by offering free entry, expertadvice and information teamed with great entertainment and are always looking for newopportunities to bring all relevant companies to the show for visitors to experience.On Sunday 2oth March 2011 RDA Events presents Mothers Instinct at Thornton Hall Hotel& Spa. This Event is taking place in the luxurious hotel where families and couples shopfor products and services for babies and children. The event will expose your business topotential new customers in a controlled environment which will attract families withchildren of all ages from bump to baby to child. Children will be entertained for the wholeafternoon at the venue. If you are in the baby or nursery trade, a parent or parent-to-bethen Mothers Instinct is the place to be, a great day out for all of the family and anessential part of having a baby.The event will be held from 12.00 until 5.00pm. The cost of exhibiting your business at theshow is £165.00. Exhibitors will be given an eight foot allocated space, giving plenty ofroom to bring your products, equipment and rails to expose your business. There will bean event show guide for guests to browse at their own leisure.We are looking for suitable businesses to exhibit at the event covering all areas fromconception to teens from companies who have products and services to sell on the daywho will benefit from added revenue. Exhibitors will be separated off into three areas: • Fertility treatment, baby scanning, merchandise, pregnancy products, pregnancy classes, ante-natal activities, nurseries, baby classes. • Toddler - merchandise, toddler classes and activities, baby yoga, health and fitness, nurseries and childcare and after school clubs. • Children - parties and games, childcare, schools, merchandise, toys, books, sports, health care, healthy alternatives to food.Due to the overwhelming response from our last event ‘Motheris Instinct’ show inManchester, exhibitors are advised to contact us to allocate a space as soon as possible. Creative produced by
  3. 3. Mothers Instinct ’ Liverpool and The Wirral’s premier baby showVisitor ProfileA quality audience - Mother’s Instinct will be the regions best consumer events entirelydedicated to pregnancy, birth, babies and toddlers.The show will provide a unique live marketing channel to parents-to-be and new parents,For selling, brand building, increasing awareness of products and services as well asmeeting new and existing customers face-to-face, there’s no better platform thanMothers Instinct.Mother Instinct is the first Baby event of many shows organised by RDA Events whichconsistently deliver a high volume of targeted individuals who come to see the very latestmust-have products, meet brands directly, get expert advice and information as well asenjoying a fun day out with 96% of visitors saying they would recommend the show tofriends, work colleagues, neighbours and family members.Marketing CampaignGetting visitors through the door - Your customers cant miss Mothers Instinct thanksto powerful, results-driven and highly targeted campaigns incorporating press advertising,radio promotion, point-of-sale, direct mail and new media.Here is a selection of the marketing activities that take place at each RDA Events Show: • Working with our title sponsors and associated press online and print, we have a much larger reach to your core market • Advertisements appearing in regional publication titles • Professional marketing, advertising and PR support from communication guru’s • Visitor promotion leaflets to be inserted within local publication titles as well as widespread distribution to associated businesses • Community radio promotion on a targeted radio stations • Targeted direct mail campaign to previous show attendees • Web alliances, online marketing and email promotions • Posters displayed in antenatal clinics, hospitals, crèches, GP’s surgeries, nurseries and a number of other targeted locations • Dedicated Show website - • Joint promotional partnerships with a number of major ‘household’ brands • Dedicated PR campaign with Idea GenerationFor more information about the marketing campaign for the Show, contact Anna Stockson 07791 070 457 or visit Creative produced by
  4. 4. Mothers Instinct ’ Liverpool and The Wirral’s premier baby showWhy Exhibit?The market• 57,000 children under the age of 4 in the Wirral, North Cheshire, Merseyside region• Event lies within very affluent area of the Wirral attracting ABC1 consumer visitors within a 20 minute drive time to Thornton Hall Hotel & Spa• 42,000 births each year around the Wirral/Liverpool/North Cheshire area• Direct access to your target segment at a cost lower than a local advertisement• Increase your brand awareness and drive sale with impulsive buying characteristicsThe show• Distribution of 50,000 flyers in key locations• Local press, radio and online advertising to promote the show• No hidden costs - we quote a single exhibition price for our offerings• No entrance fee for guests, increasing footfall on the day• A dedicated team with a strong event and marketing track record - specialists in creating enjoyable and innovative eventsThe bottom line• 100% access to the purchase decision makers for your offerings• 92% of decision makers find exhibitions an ‘extremely useful source of purchasing information’• 78% of visitors to events intend to make a purchase• 100% dedication and support from the team to help you achieve the best return on your investmentFor more information about the show or to express your interest in exhibiting contactAnna Stocks on 07791 070 457 or visit Creative produced by
  5. 5. Mothers Instinct ’ Liverpool and The Wirral’s premier baby show ’The offerings - ExhibitorMothers Instinct offers various exhibitor and partner offerings, tailored to your individualbusiness needs with the ability to maximise return on investment:Show presence - £165• Eight foot exhibitors pitch with table provided• Commercial capabilities (ability to sell your product on the day)• Inclusion of your business, website and contact details within the show guide directory• Distribution of marketing material raising awareness of your products and services• Opportunity to network with and meet other businesses• Ability to capture market research and sign-up for offerings• Follow up database of customers enabling you to market attendees of the showTitle Sponsor - £350• Sponsorship of one of the three categories: • Conception to Birth • Baby to Toddler • Pre-school - school• Awareness of your company/brand within advertising of the show• Presence on the day with your business brand, flyers, leaflets, banners, pop-up displays around entrance/key areas of the eventShow sponsor - £600• Awareness of your company/brand within advertising of the show• Your companys logo on the show guide• Inclusive of literature into the event goody bag to be given to each attendee• Presence on the day with your business brand, flyers, leaflets, banners, pop-up displays around entrance/key areas of the eventShow guide advert - from £40• Full colour advertisement of your business within the baby show programme given to each guest on the day. Half page advert £40, Full page advert £70Gift bag presence - £40• Your flyer/leaflet in each and every gift ‘goody’ bag for each visitor on the dayFor more information about the show or to reserve your space, contact Anna Stocks on07791 070 457 or visit Creative produced by