The Hunger Games 2: Catching Fire


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This powerpoint presentation is a brief review of the second book of the Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Hope you enjoy it! (:

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The Hunger Games 2: Catching Fire

  1. 1. THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE BY: Anna C. Smurawski Parque de Lisboa student, 3ºC
  2. 2. CHARACTERSKATNISS EVERDEEN PEETA MELLARK• Katniss is a 17-year-old girl who lives • Peeta is a 17-year-old boy who lives in in district 12, in Panem. district 12, like Katniss.• She has survived the previous Hugner • He is the son of a baker in district 12; Games along with Peeta Mellark, who he likes to bake and decorate cakes. is her lover. • He has 2 older brothers.• She has a little sister called Primrose (Prim) who she saved by volunteering • He’s a blonde boy, with blue-grey eyes in the previous Hunger Games. as Katniss, characteristic of his district.• She’s a brunette, with blue-grey eyes very characteristic of her district. • He has a huge strength: he is capable of lifting 50 kg with his arms.• She hunts with bow and arrow for her family to eat every day, accompanied • He has always loved Katniss since the by Gale (her best friend). day he saw her.
  3. 3. CHARACTERSGALE HAWTHORNE FINNICK ODAIR• Gale is a 19-year-old boy who lives in • Finnick is a 24-year-old survivor of district 12, in Panem (along with Peeta the 65th Hunger Games, from and Katniss). district 4.• He’s Katniss’ best friend since they • He’s blonde, handsome and were kids. strong. His main weapon is the trident.• He hunts with snares accompanied by Katniss, but now he works in district PRESIDENT CORIOLANUS SNOW 12’s mines. • Snow is the president of Panem;• He’s a brunette, with blue-grey he lives in the Capitol. eyes, and very strong and tall. • He has white hair and blue eyes.• He has 2 brothers: one older and one younger. • He has killed several people, along with the died people in the Hunger Games.
  4. 4. STORY – PART ONE: THE SPARKKatniss has already survived the 74th Hunger Games with Peeta Mellark. Afet surviving theGames, they thought they would have a wealthy life in district 12, but Katniss didn’t realisethat her rebellious act in the arena would be paid dearly. When they arrive from the arena,Katniss’ and Peeta’s families are given houses in the Victor’s Village (which is the place wherevictors from the Hunger Games come after they win.As Gale works in the mines now, Katniss has a boring life now that she doesn’t have a huntingpartner to be with. So, she decides to go in the woods to hunt for fun while Gale is working.Gale and Katniss go to hunt only in the weekends. Suddenly, when they go to hunt in thewoods, they are caught, and Gale suffers the consequences.Gale becomes very sick and he’s cured by Prim and Katniss’ mother (who is a doctor). WhenGale is at Katniss’ house, he kisses Katniss but she doesn’t know how to react, so shedecides to leave the room.Peeta is still in love with Katniss, but as it was a «show» for the Games, they don’t see eachother much, until the 75th Hunger Games come.
  5. 5. STORY – PART TWO: THE QUELLThe 75th Hunger Games come, and as every 25 years, the Quarter Quell occurs. Every 25years, a special event happens in the Quarter Quell. In the 1st Quell, tributes had to bechosen by the citizens. In the 2nd, the number of tributes was duplicated, and this year, asKatniss is now hated by the Capitol, it is decided that the tributes must be the ones that wonprevious years in the Hunger Games, so that Katniss would go and die.This time, Peeta volunteers as tribute as Katniss saved his life in the previous Games. Sonow, he would do anything to save Katniss’ life, as an act of love to her.During these Games, Katniss meets new people: Finnick Odair, Johanna Mason, Wiress andBeetee, and other winning tributes from other Games.Her stylist, Cinna, dresses her for every event but one of his dresses (the one that Katnisswore during her interview for the Hunger Games) showed an act of rebellion, and in front ofKatniss’ eyes, two minutes before she entered in the arena, he was killed by the Capitol.
  6. 6. STORY – PART THREE: THE ENEMYKatniss is already in the arena, and knows the strong and weak points of every single tributeof the Games. When the Cornucopia sounds, she starts swimming for her life as the arenanow was sunk in water. (The Cornucopia is kind of like a golden trumpet that sounds when thegames begin and finish)Katniss was accompanied by Finnick and Peeta when the Cornucopia sounded. When somehours have passed, they moved into a forest in the arena. Peeta almost dies but Finnicksaves him.After some days, Katniss, Finnick and Peeta find other «friendly» tributes and they worktogether in the arena. But suddenly, Katniss realises that the arena works like a clock: atevery hour a different an strange event occurs.Peeta still loves Katniss and when he finds a pearl in the bottom of a lake in the arena, hegives it to her, hoping that she will never forget him when he dies.Most of the tributes die and Katniss is almost to, when she got rescued by a rebellioushovercraft. Then, she is told by Gale (who’s entangled in the rebellion) that herhometown, district 12, had been blown up by the Capitol.
  7. 7. PLACES• Panem is the country in which Katniss, Peeta, Gale, Finnick, …, live. It was composed of 13 districts but the 13th district was blown up by the Capitol because it was a rebellious district.• The district 12 is the hometown of Katniss, Peeta and Gale. Their main source of goods is coal. There are some toher districts specialised in other goods such as: fishing (district 4), agriculture (district 11) or medicine (district 2).• The arena is the place where the tributes of the Hunger Games fight to death until one tribute is left as a winner. Every year the arena is changed: in the 74th Hunger Games, the arena was like a forest; in the 75th Hunger Games is was like a clock, and in the 43rd it was like temple ruins.• The Capitol is the «rich» place of Panem, in which President Snow lives, and all the other citizens that don’t go to the Hunger Games and instead watch it for fun every year. People in the Capitol dress very odd and colorful.
  8. 8. PERSONAL OPINIONThis book is a very interesting and involving book. Once I started reading the book I couldn’tstop reading it. There is a lot of suspense in this book and it is very entertaining.A film was made of the 1st book and it was really good, but as usual, most of the things werenot included in the movie. Anyway, it was great.If you like books where you never know what it’s going to happen, or adventure books, this isthe trilogy that you must read.The Hunger Games books are three: The Hunger Games (the 1st), Catching Fire (the2nd, and the one I’m talking about) and Mockingjay (the 3rd).I would recommend this trilogy to teenagers, which actually is the biggest part of the fans ofthese books, and also to adults, which will find this story very interesting.The Hunger Games trilogy has received many positive reviews of famous people, such asStephenie Meyer (writer of the Twilight saga) or Stephen King, known for many of his books.
  10. 10. The End.THANKS FOR WATCHING 