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Data Visualisations In IavaScript


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Slides from Anna Shipman's talk Data Visualisations in JavaScript at SPA2012. Accompanying code is at

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Data Visualisations In IavaScript

  1. 1. Andy Parker & Mike Hills winning entry from the Egg Race, SPA 2011
  2. 2. ``
  3. 3. var json = { "id":"Parent", "name":"All Projects", "data": { "$type":"none" }, "children":[ { "id":"A", "name":"Project A", "data": { "description":"some stuff", "$color":"#3366FF", }, "children":[ { "id":"A-498",
  4. 4. Talk code on github--------------------------
  5. 5. Good article on SVG vs Canvas------------------------------------------- page on what libraries are out there------------------------------------------------------ for choosing colours------------------------------------- stuff about visualisations in general------------------------------------------------------- article on graphically misrepresenting information--------------------------------------------------------------------------------