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Prepare. Plan. Repeat 2015


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How annual planing can control marketing burn rate, earn buzz, and attract VC's

Do you have your 2015 marketing plan ready? No? Well, AR|PR would like to invite our startup friends to join us for a webinar where we’ll talk about the importance of annual planning to your bottom line, tip and tricks on how to start and best practices for following that plan throughout the year while still remaining the nimble startup you need to be. Don't miss this 30-minute session with actual, tactical tips to help you create buzz and #makenews.

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Prepare. Plan. Repeat 2015

  1. 1. Prepare. Plan. Repeat. 2015. How annual planning can control marketing burn rate, earn buzz and attract VC’s. presented by AR|PR @ar_ _pr #makenews Wednesday, October 29, 2014
  2. 2. Presenters @ar_ _pr #makenews Anna Ruth CEO of AR|PR Based in Atlanta Tech Village Blair VP of AR|PR Based in Launch Pad NOLA Most proud of…. Helping a pre-funded startup client land in Ad Age, GigaOM and Mashable in a three-month streak. Noted communications expert by: Entrepreneur Magazine, PR Daily, Venture Beat, & Christian Science Monitor Funny fact: My dog is on Twitter. I do the splits around the office when our team reaches goals. Most proud of…. Managing PR for a client at CES, which resulted in a TODAY Show segment. Noted communications expert by: PRWeek, Complete Idiot’s Guide series and Hootsuite Funny fact: I’m a French fry connoisseur and despite living on the gulf – hate seafood.
  3. 3. Benefits of Annual Planning @ar_ _pr #makenews • Spend dollars wisely, lower burn rate, and focus on opportunities with the biggest ROI. • Never miss PR, award and speaking opp deadlines! • Rally your entire team around a marketing vision. • Build strategic momentum in the marketplace.
  4. 4. Prepare.
  5. 5. Define Your Business Objectives @ar_ _pr #makenews Example Questions to Ask: • What is our annual revenue goal? • What major technology/product updates will we be building? • How much market share do we want to own? • How do we want the industry (& our competitors!) to perceive us? • How many top-of-funnel leads do we need? How many deals do we need to close? • Are we trying to secure venture funding?
  6. 6. Set Marketing Goals & Objectives @ar_ _pr #makenews • First, what’s my marketing budget for 2015? • Based on that #, what can I reasonably achieve? • How many media placements do I want? What do I want them to be about (product, individuals, thought leadership, etc.)? • How many awards do we need to win? What types of awards/categories will give us the most credibility? • What tradeshows should we attend/exhibit? Can our leadership speak at these events? • What social media channels are most important and how many followers/interactions do we need each month? • What advertising channels should we consider? • What collateral (print + digital) does our sales team need? • Do I have the resources (people, time & tools) to execute internally, or do I need agency partners/consultants/freelancers?
  7. 7. Bring Marketers & Engineers to the SAME Table Product Updates Product Updates @ar_ _pr #makenews Product Line
  8. 8. Plan.
  9. 9. Research Speaking Opportunities @ar_ _pr #makenews Editorial Calendars Tradeshows Award Opportunities Holidays/ Observances
  10. 10. Research @ar_ _pr #makenews
  11. 11. Content Calendar CHANNEL JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH @ar_ _pr #makenews Topic: CES Topic: Android Launch Topic: 2M Downloads Blog X (live blog from Vegas) X X Social Media X X X (contest!) Press Release X (Feature Update) X (Google Play Announcement) X Case Study X White Paper X (to distribute in our CES booth)
  12. 12. Repeat.
  13. 13. Monitor & Measure • Measure media impressions, social media growth, etc. monthly & quarterly to evaluate trends and ROI. • Reassess your annual plan each quarter and examine how its helping achieve your company’s overall business objectives. • Don’t be afraid to reallocate resources and pivot to achieve the best results (just be mindful of burn rate!). @ar_ _pr #makenews
  14. 14. Showcase Wins @ar_ _pr #makenews • Impress your potential investors with the success you’ve achieved through your PR-Marketing Efforts • Be sure to explain how these efforts have lead to your desired overall business objective (i.e. increased lead generation, downloads, sales)
  15. 15. Don’t DIY it Alone!
  16. 16. Traditional Services Fitnet is a fast growing tech company which needed a partner to build and execute our marketing, PR and social strategies. AR|PR has become more than just a partner, but an extension of our team who is always working diligently to build our audience, craft and distribute our core message. – Bob Summers, Chief Geek at Fitnet @ar_ _pr #makenews
  17. 17. Startup Packages @ar_ _pr #makenews • Affordable • Media lists of your target reporters • Social media strategies • Press how-to video • Press release & wire distribution • 1-on-1 consultation
  18. 18. Startup Packages The Launch Rocket package provided us with the consultation and tips we needed to engage with reporters on the phone, via email and even through Twitter. The day our press release was distributed, we received 8,000 app downloads within 24 hours - our biggest day yet. The package even helped us land a feature in TechCrunch! @ar_ _pr #makenews – Brooks Buffington, co-founder, YikYak Just for Webinar Participants: FREE Twitter handles for your target reporters 10% off (code: startup10) Offer expires November 30th
  19. 19. Questions?
  20. 20. Contact: Anna Ruth Williams, Founder + CEO Blair Broussard, Vice President Offices in Atlanta Tech Village and Launch Pad New Orleans 855.300.8209 | @ar__pr