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PR Power Hour: Executive Visibility in the Digital Age


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FACT: 80% of a new company’s value is its CEO. The #SXSW #PRPowerHr will teach you how to harness this value to attract investors, increase lead generation and #makenews.

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PR Power Hour: Executive Visibility in the Digital Age

  1. 1. PR Power H ur: Executive Visibility in the Digital Age Anna Ruth Williams, Founder + CEO @annaruth Blair Broussard, Vice President @BlairAB @ar_ _ pr #makenews #SXSW #PRPowerHr
  2. 2. What is executive visibility, and why do you need it? Purpose FACT: 80% of a new company’s value is its CEO Value Results #PRPowerHr
  3. 3. Setting Your Goals As an entrepreneur, what are your personal ambitions and objectives? What are your company’s overall business goals and objectives? How does an executive positioning campaign align with these? #PRPowerHr
  4. 4. Polish your Brand Image Up-to-date headshot Active and optimized social media channels #PRPowerHr Compelling bio
  5. 5. #PRPowerHr So what does an executive visibility plan look like?
  6. 6. • Demonstrates Thought Leadership • Increases Credibility • Accelerates Lead Generation • Builds Brand Image & Visibility Speaking Opps #PRPowerHr
  7. 7. Social Media #PRPowerHr A platform to showcase thought leadership + wins A media relations tool
  8. 8. Awards BADASS BLING = BIGGER BUCKS #PRPowerHr • Validates Industry Leadership & Expertise • Increases Brand Awareness • Accelerates Lead Generation
  9. 9. Blogging #PRPowerHr Companies that have an active blog have 55% more visitors than those who don’t
  10. 10. Analyst Relations #PRPowerHr Influencing subject matter experts who have a direct channel to potential clients and the authority to project trends in market activity and behavior
  11. 11. Journalist Relations #PRPowerHr Become a Regular Contributor Publish Bylines Secure Interviews Become a sought-after SME and source
  12. 12. LIVE CASE STUDY: Chris Rouland Founder + CEO #PRPowerHr
  13. 13. Questions? Tweet us @AR_PR or include #PRPowerHr in your tweet!
  14. 14. Contact: Offices in Atlanta Tech Village and Launch Pad New Orleans 855.300.8209 | and @ar__pr @ar__pr