Engaging Students in Energy Efficiency: A Behavior Based Approach


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  • Ask if anyone knows of or are participating in the SEE program.
  • How can you bring this idea into your classroom?Have an “energy”, “green” or “sustainability” section in your classroom libraryFor Elementary students, set aside 15 minutes each day for a read aloud. It’s a great way to begin our end your day!For Secondary students, choose a chapter book and end each week by reading a chapter aloud.Fop ideas, check out the suggested books list we’ve provided!Have handout for book list.
  • How can you bring this idea into your classroom?Bring energy into literacy and art. The calendar could be a Holiday giftAsk another teacher or an older student to “pop in” (planned by you, but a surprise for the students!) to play the “Energy Elf” and notice energy useVisit the websites during computer lab or Science for fun, engaging activities
  • How can you bring this idea into your classroom?Put info in unexpected places. Where could you “hide” a message so your students, parents or colleagues see it. (inside student desks or lockers, at PT conferences)Make friends your district communications person. Take photos!! Share them with your administration and communications liaison
  • How can you bring this idea into your classroom?Literacy, writing ,arts – great for older students, theater class or club, student council, NHS, JNHS
  • How can you bring this idea into your classroom?Focus on energy related activities all week. Incorporate into all subjects/lessons – do a theme with your lesson theme How can you utilize your mascot?The Energy Hog can be rented, so can Tolby from CEE
  • How can you bring this idea into your classroom? Work with your communications/IT person and provide them fun ideas/activities you are doing to share on the website If you school doesn’t have a “green” section on your website, ask for one to be created Get the students involved! HS computer/web class assignments, submit photos from your classroom
  • How can you bring this idea into your classroom?Tie it into Math curriculum and lessons: addition, multiplication, moneyTie it into Science curriculum and lessons: thesis, educated guess, and critical thinking; or have a classroom science fairFocus on literacy through the research process. Collect information and write a report on your findings.
  • How can you bring this idea into your classroom?What clubs exist in your school?Classroom activities all month
  • How can you bring this idea into your classroom?Have your students write and run the blog! Writing and literacy assignments could include blog articles written, edited and posted by your classroomConnect with your district’s student newspaper(s) for articlesInclude an energy fun fact in your parent newsletter each month
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  • Engaging Students in Energy Efficiency: A Behavior Based Approach

    1. 1. June 14, 2013A Behavior Based Approach
    2. 2. 2HISTORY OF CLASS 5TMENERGY• Energy consulting firm based in White Bear Lake• The CLASS 5 Plan was developed in 2002 by HallbergEngineering• Initially designed for K-12 Schools and called the Schools forEnergy Efficiency (SEE) program• CLASS 5, Inc. was established in 2008 to allow for expansioninto other market segments• Our program has been adapted for other workplace settingsincluding offices, higher education and healthcare• We offer several energy related services: assessments, energyplan development, energy program development, utility tracking,consulting and program implementation support. 2
    3. 3. 3HOW DOES IT WORK?• Educating people about why a changeis needed and how it will be achieved.• Identifying opportunities for bothshort- and long-term wins.• Engaging people and asking themto do their part.• Measuring and tracking progress(using data) toward the goal.• Communicating and celebrating results.The Plan incorporates a dynamic, reiterativechange management process that includes:
    4. 4. 4WHAT IS THE MESSAGE?- Energy isn’t free, it could run out and we canhelp slow/stop that process- The importance of our daily actions andchoices…saving energy every day- Being energy efficient reduces Green HouseGasses and our carbon footprint- Conserving energy saves money, reducingcosts and helping dollars stay in the school
    5. 5. 5TODAY WE WILL FOCUS ON• Educating• Engaging• Communicating
    6. 6. 6CASE STUDY #1The Energy Elfin North Branch:Becky Leuer
    7. 7. 7ENERGY ELF EDUCATIONRead aloud energy related books to your students
    8. 8. 8ENERGY ELF ENGAGEMENT• Create Energy Tip coloringbooks and calendars. Thestudents think of the tips andillustrate the book• Surprise classroom visits bythe Energy Elf are you doingall you can to save energyright now during your regularlearning?• Set aside time for energyrelated activities: Energy Hog,game shows, HPG
    9. 9. 9ENERGY ELF COMMUNICATION- The Stall StreetJournal- Local newspaperand pressreleases
    10. 10. 10CASE STUDY #2Farmington & Mahtomedi:Anne Anderson – A Veteran Energy Guru
    11. 11. 11ANNE EDUCATION- Student videos: created by High Schoolstudents, shown throughout the districtThe HULK Says Recycle!http://youtu.be/-uap5n2vsPgThe Power Rangers Save the Dayhttp://youtu.be/9Epfi6otXwo
    12. 12. 12ANNE ENGAGEMENT- Energyweek….choose aweek that makessense for yourschedule (1st weekback afterholiday/winter breakis when Anne chose)- Energy Hog: Visitsschools,classrooms, walks inthe homecomingparade
    13. 13. 13ANNE COMMUNICATION- Websites highlighting your energy efforts
    14. 14. 14CASE STUDY #3PRIOR LAKE & ROBBINSDALE:2 district’s, one awesome EEC – Sheri Brunner
    15. 15. 15SHERI EDUCATIONCalculate energy costs within yourschool building or classroom.• Use the WATT METER to findout how much energy yourcomputers, aquariums orSMARTboard are using; orCalculate the number of wattsbeing used when all of yourlights are on.
    16. 16. 16SHERI ENGAGEMENT- Letter in sustainability:work with existing greenclub to engage olderstudents and help form aprogram where studentscould receive a letter insustainability- Turn Earth Day intoEarth Month andincorporate activities allmonth long
    17. 17. 17SHERI COMMUNICATION- Energy blog:communityoutreach- Monthly energytrivia: newsletterfocused ondifferent themesand fun factseach month
    18. 18. 18ONE GREAT IDEA PER MONTH!From the CLASS 5 Energy K-12 Student Engagement guide:SEPTEMBER: Take an energy pledge! Create a pledge for yourclassroom, have all of your students sign it. Post the pledge on thewallOCTOBER: It’s Energy Awareness month! Go “unplugged” for a day– teach without using any technology. Turn out the lights if you can,or use minimal lighting. Encourage your whole building to have anenergy free day – serve cold lunch, shut down computers and unplugelectronicsNOVEMBER: Get students involved in announcements. Mostschools have daily or weekly PA or video announcements – haveyour students write and announce energy tips this month
    19. 19. 19DECEMBER: Season’s Greenings! Make your own wrapping paper thisyear. Bring in newspaper, old sheet music, art work, paper bags todecorate and cloth scraps to make gift wrapJANUARY: Perform a classroom waste and energy audit. Evaluate howmuch trash your class accumulates, how much of that you recycle –or should recycle – what uses energy in your classroom and whereenergy could be conservedFEBRUARY: Create energy awareness tip to distribute to other classesor hang around the school – bookmarks or posters are two funprojects that can be incorporated into art or literacyMARCH: Bring energy conservation home – during Spring break, havestudents do home energy auditsONE GREAT IDEA PER MONTH!
    20. 20. 20APRIL: Earth Day all month! Make recycled material sculptureart and display it around your classroom – or the buildingMAY: Look ahead to next year. Revisit your energy pledge.Write a goal for how each of you will continue to conserveenergy through the summer and during next school yearJUNE: Do a campus clean up! A great way to end the schoolyear is to get outside and clean up your school groundsbefore everyone leaves for the summer. Talk about recycling,pollution and how litter related to being “green”ONE GREAT IDEA PER MONTH!
    21. 21. 21BEYOND EARTH DAYThere are manyenvironmentallyfriendly holidaysthroughout the year –choose one per monthto help focus onsustainability in yourclassroom!Download the calendar here:www.class5energy.com/blog/beyond-earth-day/
    22. 22. 22GET PEOPLE INVOLVED• Talk to your facilities people – ask what we can dodifferently in our classroom• Saving energy takes a team – what you do in yourclassroom makes a difference!• Saving energy does not need to be painful or timeconsuming (lights, monitors, shades, SMARTboards)• The drops in the bucket DO add up• A little competition can go a long way – and add to thefun! Other grades, classrooms or buildings• Organics/feed the pigs – your kitchen and foodservice staff
    23. 23. 23EVERY DAY, YOU AND YOUR STUDENTS SHOULD:1. Shut off lights every time you leave a room2. Turn off computers, monitors, radios, smartboards, TVs, etc.3. Close shades or blinds at the end of eachday to help keep cold air out; open during theday to let in light and heat4. Keep vents clear to maintain air flow5. Dress in layers
    24. 24. 24What will you do to educate,engage and communicateenergy efficiency in yourclassroom next year?
    25. 25. 25OUR CONTACT INFOAmy Harker Ann Arneyaharker@class5energy.com aarney@class5energy.com651.783.5642 651.783.5637This presentation is available right now online at :www.class5energy.com/blog/engaging-students-in-energy-efficiency-a-behavior-based-approach