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RDFresh products December 2015

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  1. 1.  Because RD FRESH is a low cost ecological solution that extends food shelf life and reduces refrigeration costs.  Because RD FRESH is a proprietary mineral mix that is 100% natural and 100% recyclable to the planet.  Because RD FRESH is a true ZERO-FOOTPRINT product… GAME CHANGER AWARD 2013 SUPPLIER OF THE YEAR WHY RD FRESH??? AND WHY NOW??? AND BECAUSE RD FRESH IS AN AWARD WINNING PRODUCT AND AN AWARD WINNING COMPANY THE INNOVATION AWARD… Leveraging the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.
  2. 2. BECAUSE SCIENCE, GOVERNMENT AND MAJOR INDUSTRIAL GIANTS HAVE BEEN SEARCHING FOR THIS ANSWER FOR MORE THAN 50 YEARS… WHY RD FRESH??? AND WHY NOW??? THE MOST FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION ABOUT RD FRESH… IF THIS IS SO IMPORTANT, WHY HASN’T THIS BEEN DONE BEFORE… A FEW REASONS ARE LISTED BELOW… “Departure from wheel technology to lower cost fixed bed devices could be the future of desiccants, providing a low cost energy dehumidifier.”…. RICHARD SWEETER, PRESIDENT, ENERGY CORP. RD FRESH IS A FIXED BED DEVICE!!! “In addition to work with active desiccant systems the National Renewable Energy Laboratory is currently working with manufacturers to develop passive systems.” STEVEN SLAYZAK, NREL PROJECT LEADER RD FRESH IS A PASSIVE SYSTEM!!! “The NREL estimates desiccant dehumidification can cut electricity demand by as much as 25%. These systems haven’t made significant inroads in the market because of high initial cost” RD FRESH HAS NO INITIAL COST!!! AND RD FRESH IS SAFE!!! Zeolite Certifications: U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Registration 17000178052 Canadian Animal Feed registration No. 990643 Swimming Pools & Spas-ANSI/NSF standard 50 Drinking Water Treatment-ANSI/NSF standard 60 Drinking Water-ANSI/NSF Standard 61 GRAS (generally regarded as safe) under 21 CFR Part 182.2729, 40 CFR Part 180.1001 AND SCIENCE IS WELL AWARE OF THE BENEFITS OF ZEOLITES During the Chernobyl disaster thirty to forty times the radioactivity of the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was released. About 500,000 tons of ZEOLITE CONTAINING CLINOPTILOLITE were used at Chernobyl with the following results: Filters of clinoptilolite tuffs were used to extract radionucleides from the drainage water of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Filtration reduced 137Cs (contaminant) by 95% and 90Sr (contaminant) by 50-60%. To reduce radioactivity in cow milk, 10% clinoptilolite was added to the cow feed resulting in 30% reduction in the radionucleides in the milk. For decontamination of children’s chocolate and biscuits, the food was prepared containing 2-30 wt.% pure and powdery clinoptilolite. CLINOPTILOLITE IS ONE OF MINERALS IN RD FRESH!!!
  3. 3. 50 YEARS AGO SCIENCE WAS LOOKING FOR A SOLUTION THAT WOULD BE VERY SIMILAR TO RD FRESH… AVOCADO TESTS 1965 Proc. Fla. State Hort. Soc. 78:353-358. 1965. STORAGE TRIALS WITH AVOCADOS IN MODIFIED ATMOSPHERES Two experiments were run at 50°F. Each included 9 treatments of 10 fruit each. These were a control (air-stored) sample, plus 2 series of 4 jars, each having 1/8 and 1/16- inch diffusion holes respectively and the following sub treatments: No insert ACTIVATED CHARCOAL at 1 gram per fruit Examination after 3 and 5 weeks at 50° F included pressure tests with a "Mechanical Thumb" device (18), external examination for pitting and fungal attack and, at the second examination, tasting. No air-stored fruit survived to the 3-week examination, Some fruit in every controlled atmosphere treatment were marketable at 5 weeks. As well as a 1998 study done at UC DAVIS… CHABAZITE‐type zeolite adsorbs up to 94% of the added Ethylene in the test system. ACTIVATED COCONUT SHELL CARBON AND CHABAZITE ARE TWO OF THE FOUR INGREDIENTS IN RD FRESH… IN 1982 SCIENCE WOULD COME EVEN CLOSER TO THE RD FRESH SOLUTION… Method for storing produce and container and freshness keeping agent Inventor: Nakamura, et al. / Date Issued: June 29, 1982 / Application: 06/122,693 / Filed: February 19, 1980 Abstract: A storage container containing a freshness keeping agents for vegetables and fruits, consisting essentially of a particulate composition which contains at least two components selected from the group consisting of zeolite, bentonite and activated carbon. The freshness keeping agent absorbs ethylene gas, etc. generated from vegetables and fruits, thereby preventing them from over-ripening, softening, etc. RD FRESH USES TWO ZEOLITES, NOT ONE… for a number of scientific reasons that previous products seem to miss… (Excerpted from… Sabeha Kesraoui Ouki, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Surrey, Surrey U.K…“… natural zeolites have been evaluated with respect to their selectivity and removal performance for the treatment of effluents… (and) exhibited different selectivity profiles…)… A mixture of carbon and zeolite removed mixed vapors better than an adsorbent composed of either. Hussey and Gupta of Durr Industries reported this at the Spring 1997 Meeting of American Institute of Chemical Engineers. They noted that the path through the mixture was greater than the path through either of the adsorbents when used alone, and they attributed the increased adsorption to the greater path length. RD FRESH USES MONTMORILLONITE (A MORE PURE FORM OF THE CLAY) RD FRESH USES COCONUT SHELL ACTIVATED CARBON.
  4. 4. •Robert Fireovid, ARS national program leader for quality and utilization of agricultural products, July 11, 2013 “At the USDA’s Agricultural Research Service (ARS) we’ve been conducting research at laboratories across the country to create new technologies or newly apply existing ones to curb food waste. We’re also investigating the combined use of refrigeration, improved packaging and a natural compound that delays ripening to help perishable foods like strawberries and tomatoes to stay fresh longer during shipping and storage.” The U.S. Department of Agriculture has collaborated with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to launch the U.S. Food Waste Challenge, calling on producer groups and others to join in efforts to reduce food loss and waste. We’re also investigating the combined use of refrigeration and a natural compound to help perishable foods stay fresh longer during shipping and storage. YES. THE VERY SAME QUOTE!!! WHILE THE ARS, USDA AND EPA “INVESTIGATE”, RD FRESH ALREADY HAS SUCH A “COMPOUND”!!! AND WHILE THE NREL (the National Laboratory of the US Department of Energy) Seek a passive, fixed bed, low cost refrigeration dehumidifier, RD FRESH ALREADY EXISTS!!! INDUSTRY “GIANTS” WERE MENTIONED AT THE OUTSET TO BE SEEKING THIS SAME SOLUTION. JUST WHO THOSE “GIANTS ARE MAY BE SURPRISING… WHY RD FRESH??? AND WHY NOW??? HONEYWELL F111 CEILING MOUNT COMMERCIAL AIR CLEANER Designed for use in commercial applications that require removal of air-borne particles and odors. This high filtration and adsorption efficiency enables the F111 to remove many of the troublesome particles, gases and odors from the indoor air. Typical applications include restaurants, bars, schools, etc… POWER CONNECTION: HARD-WIRED. MOTOR: 1/2 HP, PSC SINGLE-SPEED $2169.95 • ACTIVATED CARBON. • ZEOLITE. HONEYWELL tried and failed in1998… using some of the very same minerals that RD FRESH uses, and targeting the very same markets that RD FRESH has succeeded in, and Honeywell failed for all of the reasons given before… Expensive initial cost, a flush mount panel that requires expensive energy consuming technology to generate air flow as opposed to a drop mount, fixed bed, passive system that uses the walk-in’s existing fan motors to generate air flow.
  5. 5. BECAUSE HONEYWELL IS NOT THE LARGEST COMPANY TO FAIL… IN 2001, ONE OF THE GIANTS OF RETAIL INDUSTRY PATENTED, BUT WAS UNABLE TO BRING TO MARKET, AN ALMOST IDENTICAL PRODUCT TO THE 2012 RD FRESH RETAIL PRODUCT, VEGIEFRESH!!! Apparatus and method for deodorizing confined air spaces which utilize baking soda Publication number US7431901 B2 / Publication type Grant / Application number US 09/775,999 Filing date Feb 2, 2001 / Priority date Feb 2, 2001 FEE STATUS: LAPSED Publication date Oct 7, 2008 ORIGINAL ASSIGNEE … THE PROCTER & GAMBLE COMPANY EXCERPTS: BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION Nowadays, refrigerators have become a common appliance in virtually every household and typically are used for storage and preservation of food, in particular of fresh food such as fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and the like. It is desirable to keep food items fresh as long as possible in the refrigerator. It is a well known problem that many food items tend to release malodors into the air which are then captured in the limited air space in a refrigerator. Not only are these malodors unpleasant and offensive to the user of the refrigerator, they can also have a negative impact on the quality of other foods in the refrigerator. ACTIVATED CARBON is known to be a very effective filter medium for adsorption of odors due to its high specific surface area. The filter member of the present invention may further comprise agents supported on the filter element to specifically attack certain malodors such as those comprising S atoms or N atoms. Additionally, or alternatively, the filter member of the present invention may comprise a filter medium capable of removing ethylene from the air. Other odor removing substances may include, but are not limited to ZEOLITES… WHY RD FRESH AND WHY NOW??? Because unlike the 1965 tests, unlike the 1982 patent, and unlike Honeywell and Proctor & Gamble, only RD FRESH has come up with the correct mineral mix ground to the correct particulate size and mixed in the correct proportions to be so effective that we have clients with us since January of 2008. WHY RD FRESH??? AND WHY NOW???
  6. 6. THE AMOUNT OF FOOD WASTED IN THE UNITED STATES IS STAGGERING. IN 2010, MORE THAN 34 MILLION TONS… accounting for almost 14 percent of the total municipal solid waste stream. When food is disposed in a landfill it quickly rots and becomes a significant source of methane, accounting for more than 20 percent of all methane emissions in the United States. "Food waste is huge," says Schwab, a senior analyst in the waste division at the ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY. "Food waste is now the No. 1 material that goes into landfills and incinerators." “IT'S ALSO CHANGING THE CLIMATE. "BECAUSE IT ROTS SO FAST, BASICALLY IT STARTS TO GENERATE METHANE REALLY QUICKLY," SAYS SCHWAB. METHANE IS A GREENHOUSE GAS THAT'S 20 TIMES MORE POTENT THAN CARBON DIOXIDE!!! It’s simple… reducing bacteria proliferation reduces cross-contamination… and KEEPS FOOD FRESHER, LONGER. RD FRESH WILL KEEP YOUR FOOD FRESHER, LONGER… LESS WASTE, LESS METHANE… How often do you get to do something good for the planet, and save money for your company and for you customers while you are doing it??? AND ITS NOT JUST ABOUT SAVING MONEY… ITS ABOUT SAVING THE ENVIRONMENT THE SCIENCE BEHIND RD FRESH • Moisture accelerates the spoilage of meat. • Spoiling meat produces ammonia and nitrogen, which in turn further accelerates the spoilage. • RD FRESH absorbs water (H2O), ammonia (NH3) and nitrogen (N). • Spoiling fish produces carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and ammonia. • RD FRESH absorbs carbon dioxide (CO2), hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and ammonia (NH3). • Fruits and vegetables emit ethylene gas, which accelerates the ripening and spoilage of other produce. • One of the simplest ways to remove ethylene from the atmosphere is to absorb it. • RD FRESH absorbs this ethylene gas.
  7. 7. SCIENCE YOU CAN SEE Evaluation and Definition of Potentially Hazardous Foods – Chapter 3. Factors that Influence Microbial Growth 2.1. Moisture content Micro-organisms need water in an available form to grow in food products. The control of the moisture content in foods is one of the oldest exploited preservation strategies. “Bacteria grow most rapidly in the range of temperatures between 40 and 140 degrees F, doubling in number in as little as 20 minutes.” J.MARK’S RESTAURANT in Fort Lauderdale… CLIENT SINCE JANUARY 2008! No moisture beads on the exposed butter or proofing bread means no cross-contamination from other products! United States Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service
  8. 8. SCIENCE YOU CAN SEE SO SIMPLE A THIRD GRADER CAN DO IT! Lindsey is a 3rd Grader at Lakes Elementary School in Lacey, WA… Her Science Fair Project… RD FRESH… On the right, from the refrigerator without RD FRESH, the first sign of mold occurs Day 6. On the left, from the refrigerator with RD FRESH, after 14 days, not a sign of mold….!!!!
  10. 10. EMSL ANALYTICAL, INC. RD FRESH: BERRY TEST REPORT Mold & Yeast Count (CFU/gram) CFU: COLONY-FORMING UNITS REDUCED MOLD & YEAST COUNTS BY 2 AND 3 TIMES! DAY 3 RD FRESH NO RD FRESH Blueberries 28,000 75,000 Strawberries 19,000 39,000 Blackberries 36,000 107,000 Raspberries 5,100 12,700 AMCO PRODUCE PACKET SIZE 2GRAM APPEAL EXTENDED SHELF LIFE RD FRESH SIGNIFICANTLY SMALLER LIKE THE "FRESH"  TEXT AVERAGES OUT @ 6‐8 DAYS  EXTRA COMPETITOR LARGER AVERAGE AVERAGES OUT @ 1‐2 DAYS  EXTRA  COMPETITOR LARGER AVERAGE AVERAGES OUT @ 2 ‐3 DAYS  EXTRA ADDING  VENTILATION AVERAGES OUT @ 3‐6 DAYS  EXTRA # OF TRIALS  CROP USED DATE TESTED RD FRESH 10 RANGE 106 PE10 4/24/2014 ‐ 5/16/2014 COMPETITOR 4 RANGE 106 PE10 4/24/2014 ‐ 5/7/2014 COMPETITOR 6 RANGE 106 PE10 4/24/2014 ‐ 5/10/2014 ADDING  VENTILATION 8 RANGE 106 PE10 4/24/2014 ‐ 5/12/2014 DEFECTS COST RANK RD FRESH NONE COMPETITIVE 1 COMPETITOR SACHETS MINERALS TURN  DARK RED HIGHER 4 (MINERALS LEAKING  THROUGH) COMPETITOR NONE COMPETITIVE 3 ADDING  VENTILATION EXPENSIVE TO RE‐TOOL  PACKAGE EXPENSIVE 2 AMCO PRODUCE IS USING TRANSPORTFRESH TO EXTEND THE SHELF LIFE OF THEIR TOMATOES AND CUCUMBERS DURNG TRANSPORT TO INSURE THEIR CUSTOMERS FRESHER, HEALTHIER PRODUCE WHEN IT ARRIVES IN THEIR HOME. AMCO PRODUCE TRANSPORT FRESH will increase your bottom line, your customer’s bottom line, and benefit the environment, reducing not only your carbon footprint, but the much larger problem of food waste methane production. The same 100% Green, 100% Sustainable, Zero Foot Print "Technology" that made the All-Natural Mineral mixes of RD FRESH such a success in the commercial market, and VEGIEFRESH in the retail markets, is now available for the transportation industry. From “FARM TO FORK” is the new focus of sustainable produce and packaged foods, and TRANSPORTFRESH is the solution for fresher, healthier, safer food from the packer to the shipper to the distribution center and all the way to the retailer and the consumer. What better way to build brand loyalty than throughout the entire Farm to Fork “chain”. The 2 or 3 gram packs are designed to go directly into the clamshell. They are ideal for the growers-retailers looking for customer loyalty and the marketing value of Saving the Environment. The 2 or 3 gram packs also work wonders in prepackaged foods like salads, sandwiches, artisan breads and more, where extending the shelf life by even a single day can mean a huge increase in profits for the packager. The 2 ounce packs are designed to go directly into the larger boxes of produce. They are ideal for getting your product to the customer shelves in excellent condition. The 12 ounce bag enclosed in our Pallet Topper Clamshell is designed to wedge in between boxes on top the pallet to help with shrinkage during the trucking cycle. The Cardboard Panel is designed to mount in the top of the reefer trailer for the company that moves produce daily. The panel will hold up to (3) 12 ounce Transport Fresh Bags and will last 3 to 4 weeks, making it good for multiple deliveries. LABORATORY TESTED… MARKET TESTED…. TRANSPORTFRESH BE PART OF THE SOLUTION
  11. 11. Just as AMCO proved the EMSL Berry test with a real world application, there is also a real world application for sandwiches and salads… TRANSPORTFRESH PREPACKAGED FOOD TESTIMONIAL “The seven cent investment has provided a huge return on investment with the dramatic drop in returned items…” As you know, I started using your 2 gram TransportFresh product about 2 years ago. It has been quite successful for me (as seen per orders!!!!!) The first client I used it with has more than doubled their salad sales… and far more importantly, their “stales” are down considerably. The second client I used it with ... once again, trusted me. Their stales have declined greatly & steadily, their sandwich sales have soared!!! I have been able to take the shelf life of our FDA and USDA sandwiches and salads from 3 and 5 days to 5 and 7 days SINCERELY, SONIA ANDRUS A G SPECIALTY FOODS Simultaneous bacterial proliferation tests for identical meat samples under identical refrigeration conditions. RD FRESH REDUCED BACTERIA BY ALMOST 50%! RD FRESH: GROUND BEEF TEST FOR BACTERIA PROLIFERATION USING AEROBIC PLATE COUNTS (APC) WITH RD FRESH WITHOUT RD FRESH 2.46X RISE IN APC DAY 1 8.50X RISE IN APC DAY 1 7.92X RISE IN APC TO DAY 4 15.25X RISE IN APC TO DAY 4 EMSL 151005908 – EMSL Analytical, Inc. Microbiology Special Projects Division. Houston, Tx. LABORATORY TESTED… MARKET TESTED…. MINERALS PACKAGED WITH FOOD??? Our 100% all natural mineral product is completely safe in any environment. •Component minerals are used in aqua filters, agriculture, animal feed and even make-up. •OSHA: Zeolite products are Non-Toxic as per Federal Hazardous Substances Act (15 CFR 1500). RD FRESH minerals are enclosed in DuPont Tyvek® bags for super strength and permeability! •DuPont Tyvek® bags meet the U. S. FDA requirements for use in direct contact with food. •DuPont Tyvek® bags are considered by OSHA non-hazardous under Standard (29 CFR 1910.1200).
  12. 12. VEGIEFRESH… BE PART OF THE SOLUTION Natural Resources Defense Council •ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES: FOOD AND AGRICULTURE •The average family of four wastes 25 percent of its purchased food. That's $1,365 to $2,275 we spend every year on food that winds up in the garbage. •The most wasteful food category is fruits and vegetables, perhaps not surprisingly. Of all the fresh produce grown every year, just 48 percent is consumed. The other 52 percent is wasted. Costing about a dime a day, VegieFresh helps consumers save far more money than it costs. This gives you the opportunity to do something good for your consumer, and good for the planet. Imagine a 100% green, 100% natural, zero footprint product whose minerals are recyclable directly to the earth as nutrient rich fertilizer. No need to imagine it… VegieFresh is the perfect product to help you reach your Sustainability Goal of selling products that sustain people and the environment.
  13. 13. RD FRESH With more than 7 years in Commercial Refrigeration in Hotels, Hospitals, Restaurants, Schools and more, we have proven that RD FRESH is an investment… not an expense!!  Low cost ecological solution that extends food shelf life and reduces refrigeration costs.  Proprietary mineral mix that is 100% natural and 100% recyclable to the planet.  Increase food shelf life up to 50%.  Reduce food odor transfers.  Reduce bacteria and cross contamination.  Lower walk-in temperatures 3ºF to 5ºF reducing refrigeration energy costs.  Reduce refrigeration cycles extending the life of the compressor. RD FRESH is currently working closely with DuPont on improving the quality of FARM TO FORK FOOD as DuPont shifts its focus to the food industry. By 2020, DuPont will invest over $10 billion in 4,000 products focused on food solutions. “Currently, over 60% of our total research investment goes to food. We innovate across the food chain, from seeds to ingredients, packaging to safety technology. We are working with customers and partners to develop solutions at scale.”
  14. 14. RD Fresh Steve Gerson 954-732-8025 For all of the reasons given, science, safety, cost effectiveness, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory all see a need for a product such as RD FRESH. The attempt to develop such a product has been ongoing for at least 50 years… Obviously, had HONEYWELL succeeded… had PROCTOR & GAMBLE succeeded… had ANYONE succeeded, in government or the private sector, there would be no RD FRESH today… But RD FRESH is here today, as well as VEGIEFRESH and TRANSPORTFRESH, and now you have the opportunity to do something good for your bottom line… while doing something good for the planet…