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Visualising Data on Interactive Maps

Women in Data Meetup, February 2014

The talk introduces a visualisation grammar called spruce-leaf. Spruce-leaf is a declarative format for creating interactive leaflet maps. The talk is aimed at developers and non-developers alike - no programming knowledge is necessary. With spruce-leaf you can describe the visualisation in JSON format: merge your shapefile (e.g. map of CCG areas in the UK) with CSV data, colour the features, add legend and hover-on information box.

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Visualising Data on Interactive Maps

  1. 1. Visualising data on interactive maps Anna Pawlicka Data Engineer
  2. 2. A picture is worth 1000 words
  3. 3. A picture is worth 1000 words
  4. 4. Leaflet.js • Open-source Java-Script library • Mobile phone friendly • Interactive
  5. 5. Spruce-leaf • Visualisation grammar for choropleth maps • Uses JSON format to describe data and map • Joins geography with your data • Colours the areas according to some values in your data • Adds legend and info box
  6. 6. Data • You will need: • Geometry: TopoJSON file • Data to map: CSV file • Both need a common identifier
  7. 7. Colours • Things to consider: • Number of data classes • Nature of your data: sequential, diverging, qualitative • Perfect tool for all that: ColorBrewer
  8. 8. Specification
  9. 9. Example
  10. 10. Links • Spruce-leaf grammar: • Spruce-leaf examples: • ColorBrewer: • Geographies: • • •