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Community Organizing Tools from the Experts Webinar


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In honor of NTEN's August 2014 theme of "Tools," we’ve invited several of our beloved Tech Club and Community of Practice organizers to give short presentations about their favorite community organizing tools. Tools and processes covered will include:

* Post-call communications to build community and extend discussions: Attendees will takeaway an easy post-call process that extends conversations, deepens impact, and broadens community.

* Microsoft Office workflow for mass mail: Learn a workflow for sending personalized mass emails that will not be filtered into promotions tabs or deleted as junk, but rather drive event sign-ups.

*Text expansion utilities to make your fingers fly: We spend much of our days typing the same thing over and over, but a text expander app can remove the drudgery from your life and make you appear to be the fastest typist ever!

* Screencasting with Jing: Learn how to record presentations using the free tool Jing to share images and short videos of your computer screen.

* Engagement with Twitter and Storify: Twitter chats present a great way to engage your supporters and volunteers in an accessible, consistent, and fun format. Storify lets you represent those conversations in a visual and dynamic format.

* Collaborate from afar with Google Docs: Learn how to use Google Docs to create, share, and collaborate on event planning documents and more.

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Community Organizing Tools from the Experts Webinar

  1. 1. Community Organizing Tools from the Experts
  2. 2. 501 Tech Clubs Free! Local! Informal!
  3. 3. Communities of Practice Free! Online! Topic-related!
  4. 4. Awesome Volunteer Organizers
  5. 5. Brett Ashley Crawford, Ph.D. Arts Management Community of Practice
  6. 6. Post-call/Tweet Chat Communications • Storify :
  7. 7. Post-Call Communications • Blog about it:
  8. 8. Build Community & Extend Discussions • Share broadly & strategically – Timing • within a week – Content – Audiences • NTEN CoPs • Your audiences – Personal – Organization
  9. 9. Chad Leaman NetSquared Vancouver
  10. 10. Microsoft Office workflow for mass email • Stop laughing! There is a good reason! – Targeting a small, distinguished group – Between CRMs – Many contacts to invite were not properly tracked (had to dig for information) – A mass mail and a direct mail had already been sent, to poor results – Emails from a person > emails from a mass mail program
  11. 11. Microsoft Office workflow for mass email Excel – build the list Word – write simple copy Outlook – become boss Unplug ethernet Merge Personalize Plug in and send
  12. 12. Excel Build the List • The standard contact fields • I also added columns for the process: – First Email – Snail Mail – Personal Mail – Phone Call – Can’t attend – Confirmed
  13. 13. Word – Write simple copy • I wrote it as my boss would. Couple short sentences: Hi «First_Name», I wanted to personally invite you to the Neil Squire Society’s 30th Anniversary VIP event. It is a private reception for supporters on June 18th at the Vancouver Club from 5pm to 8pm. Please let me know if you are able to make this event. You can RSVP on our website ( or email me. You’ve been an important part of our history and I hope you are able to celebrate with us. Gary
  14. 14. Outlook – Become the Boss • library/bb676368(v=exchg.141).aspx
  15. 15. Unplug Ethernet • Because mail merge puts everything in Outbox
  16. 16. Mail Merge • Under your Mailings tab in Word
  17. 17. Outlook - Outbox • Change the Send As / “From” on each one. • Can delay the send time (so you don’t look like a spam bot to mail servers) • Spend 15 seconds to personalize. – After event did this process again, added a picture of them to the email.
  18. 18. Plug in and send
  19. 19. What I learned • This took process drove 70% of signups. The mass mailer and direct mail before this drove 20%. • People will email back saying yes, or no and why not (I’m away but wish you the best). They don’t go to signup form linked.
  20. 20. Eli van der Giessen @elijah NetSquared Vancouver
  22. 22. THE PROBLEM
  23. 23. DANGER 1
  24. 24. DANGER 2
  25. 25. THE SOLUTION Turn eli@v Into
  26. 26. HOW IT WORKS
  27. 27. HOW I USE IT EMAIL ADDRESSES • eli@v => • eli@t => • eli@n =>
  28. 28. HOW I USE IT MAILING ADDRESS “Haddress” turns into Elijah van der Giessen 306 - 111 10 Ave W Vancouver, BC V5Y 1R7
  29. 29. HOW I USE IT “oorientation” turns into… It was great to talk with you today. Let’s build on the momentum and get your new group started quickly. Priorities What is the name of your group? What community do you want to represent with your name? Once you reply I’ll set up your meetup group. Do you have a account yet? If not please create one. Please create a user account on - this is the first step to adding you to the organizer map. Please review the organizer’s overview. This provides a good introduction to NetSquared and starting up your group. Once you’ve completed steps 1 to 3 please email me back and I’ll tell you how to setup your organizer page on Per our call, I also wanted to share the following resources with you: NetSquared logos which you're welcome to use or remix Example community survey Ideas for event formats and topics- including slides for you to use or remix at your first event (bottom of page) Tips for using You are also welcome to reach out to other organizers around the world via the Organizer Google Group (you’ve just been invited in!) as well as share with and learn from other organizers via the Organizer Handbook. The next step for you is to schedule your first monthly event. Please let me know how things go for you in starting your group - and don't hesitate to reach out if you have any additional questions! I look forward to hearing about your first event soon! Best,
  30. 30. GETTING FANCIER Cursor insertion points
  31. 31. Eli’s Stats
  32. 32. TIPS • Start URL abbreviations with a comma: – ,a = <a href=""></a> • Prevent conflict with regular words by staring most abbreviations with a duplicate letter – Bbio = biography expansion snippet • Start with frequently used pieces of text, like your email, address, phone number, etc.
  33. 33. I WANT IT!
  34. 34. Paula Jones NCTech4Good Raleigh, NC
  35. 35. Jing by TechSmith
  36. 36. How can you use it? • Capture an image • Record on screen video (5 min max) • Various uses: – Screen shots for whitepapers, tutorials, and documentation – Staff/Volunteer on-boarding, training videos – Tip of the week – Embed video or images to your website, blog, social networks
  37. 37. Praan Misir Community Building COP #Commbuild
  38. 38. Twitter and Storify
  39. 39. When planning a Twitter Chat • Scope out the landscape! ( • Participate in other Twitter Chats! • Use a Management tool
  40. 40. Storify
  41. 41. Storify
  42. 42. Regina Walton SFTech4Good
  43. 43. Intro: Google Drive/Google Docs Google Drive is a file storage and synchronization service provided by Google. It enables user cloud storage, file sharing, and collaborative editing.
  44. 44. Intro: Google Drive/Google Docs What do I use it for? Everything. Really… Resumes, cover letters, presentations, spreadsheets, word processing docs, forms, etc.
  45. 45. Where to find it? Google Drive:
  46. 46. Where to find it? Google’s Drive Guide:
  47. 47. Once You Find It... Google’s Drive Guide App page:
  48. 48. Similar to MS Office and OpenOffice It’s very similar to Microsoft Office and OpenOffice. • Most commands are the same • Can import and export documents.
  49. 49. Where can you use it? Google Drive on the web Use Google Drive on the web to store and organize all your files. You get 15 GB of free storage across Google Drive, Gmail, and Google+ Photos. Google Drive on your mobile device If you’re on the go, you can still access all of your files. Just download Google Drive on your phone or tablet and you’re all set. Google Drive on your computer Download Google Drive on your Mac/PC to keep files on your desktop synced with your files stored on the web. This means that anything you share, move, modify, or put in the trash will be reflected in Google Drive on the web the next time your computer syncs. From “Get Started With Google Drive” -
  50. 50. How-To Create and Use Docs Creating Google Docs:
  51. 51. Getting Help Google Drive Help: