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Leveraging the Google API to Integrate Your Systems


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Leveraging the Google API to Integrate Your Systems

  1. 1. Leveraging the GoogleAPI to Integrate YourSystems#12NTCGAPI Michael Cizmar Mark Sawyer David Bonebrake
  2. 2. Evaluate This Session!Each entry is a chance to win an NTEN engraved iPad! or Online at
  3. 3. Session Overview• The value of Google API integration.• Practical solutions for integration of mission critical software with Google Apps.• Project design principles.• Technical Overview of Google APIs.• How to replicate this project.
  4. 4. Value of Integration Legal Services CMS + Google API
  5. 5. Better Communication
  6. 6. The Shift in the Work ParadigmPractical, reasonable expectations among usersabout now common technologies working theway they need them to work.
  7. 7. Implemented Solutions• CMS ticklers … automatically posted to Google Calendar.• CMS case documents … automatically synchronized to Google Docs.• Gmail option … to post messages to CMS- housed case notes.• Google Groups option … to post discussions to CMS case notes.
  8. 8. Google Calendar Integration
  9. 9. Google Calendar Integration
  10. 10. Google Calendar Integration
  11. 11. Google Docs Integration
  12. 12. Google Docs Integration
  13. 13. Google Docs Integration
  14. 14. Gmail Integration
  15. 15. Gmail Integration
  16. 16. Gmail Integration
  17. 17. Google Groups Integration
  18. 18. Value of Gcal Integration• Advocates associated with a CMS case record get automatic notifications of tickled events in their Google Calendars.• Individual advocates can personalize reminders and add others to those calendar events.• Tickled events now include all the other Google Calendar features, including location and Google mapping information.• Ease of access from Google Calendar to the related case record.
  19. 19. Value of Gdocs Integration• Seamless sychronization of case‐related files to the Google Docs accounts of all advocates associated with the case.• Advocates can do full text searches and downloads of synchronized case files from within the Google Docs without opening Pika.• Integration enables advocates to use Google Docs to share, view, edit and/or convert case‐related files.• Editing option for Gmail + Groups integrations.
  20. 20. Value of Groups Integration• Ease of posting Gmail + Google Groups messages directly to specific client case record without opening Pika.• Option to post single message or entire conversation in Gmail directly to Pika case record.• Option to edit Gmail + Google Groups messages before posting.• Seamless posting of Gmail file attachments to Pika client case record.
  21. 21. Value of Integration• The genius of the Google Apps platform is not that it is free or $50/user/year.• The genius of Google Apps is … 1. It is easy to scale 2. The apps are consumer friendly 3. The apps share a unified interface 4. And everything is connected
  22. 22. Because this is a tech session…TECHNICAL OVERVIEW OF THEGOOGLE API
  23. 23. Google APIs• APIs dictate the proper way for a developer to request services from a particular program.• Google APIs enable developers to properly request data from and sync data with a Google application.
  24. 24. Google API
  25. 25. Google API – Three Takeaways• What you can do with one service may not be possible with another.• APIs are versioned, so there may be limitations on upgrading.• If a service works with an API, it will continue to work.
  26. 26. Replication – LSNC’s Google API Project