No More Excuses: Create a testing plan with no traffic, time, or budget


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No More Excuses: Create a testing plan with no traffic, time, or budget

  1. 1. No more excusesCreate a testing plan withno traffic, time, or budget#12NTCNoExcusesSteve DaignaeultKira MarchenesePorter Mason
  2. 2. Evaluate This Session!Each entry is a chance to win an NTEN engraved iPad! or Online using #12NTCNoExcuses @
  3. 3. Who are these people?Porter Mason• Deputy Director, Social Media – US Fund for UNICEF• @portermasonSteve Daignaeult• Vice President, eCampaigns – M+R Strategic Services• @DaigneaultKira Marchenese• Director, Internet Communications – Environmental Defense Fund• @kiramarch No more excuses Slide 2
  4. 4. What are they going to say?Porter Mason• Obstacles to testing• Where to startSteve Daignaeult• Prioritizing tests• Choosing metricsKira Marchenese• Making sense of your results• Showing off sketches made with her fancy iPad No more excuses Slide 3
  5. 5. You think you don’t have the time/resources/money to test?Yeah, you know, you, uh, I mean I don’t you,personally, or your individual situation, but, uh…honestly, and just speaking from my perspectivereally... You, uh... you know, you probably do.
  6. 6. Why aren’t you testing?• I don’t have time. • Yes, you do.• I don’t have money. • You don’t need any.• I don’t have resources. • You don’t need any.• I won’t learn anything. • Yes, you will.
  7. 7. Where to start?ABT – “Always Be Tracking” tracking
  8. 8. Where to start?Finding opportunities for testing• Email• Paid search• Website• Social
  9. 9. Making it part of your workflowCoding links must become normal practice.
  10. 10. Making it part of your workflowGather ideas collaboratively.
  11. 11. Making it part of your workflowTake the edge off of creating variations.
  12. 12. TAG! STEVE IS IT!
  13. 13. Prioritizing which test to run• What goal will this help you meet?• Can you expect a big lift?• How long will it take to get results?• How much time will it take to implement?• Will it be applicable to future results?
  14. 14. Picking which metrics to use• Email actions - Open, click, response, unsub• Donate forms - Completion, avg. gift, monthly• Advocacy/signup forms - Completion, opt-in rate, add’l data rate• Social - Click, share, conversation, applause• Surveys
  15. 15. Metrics of mixed value• Emails Sent (but not delivered)• Open Rates• Clicks / Opens• Total Opens (not unique)• Total Clicks (not unique individuals)• Total File Size• Social followers (not engaged)
  16. 16. Setting benchmarks• M+R and NTEN - benchmark study• Convio• Target analysis• Your own benchmarks! – Save your results – Repeat!
  17. 17. TAG! KIRA IS IT!
  18. 18. Idea #1More data better decisions
  19. 19. Idea #2Choose your samplethoughtfully
  20. 20. Idea #3Bigger differencesare easier to see
  21. 21. Idea #4Yes/no questionsare easier thanamounts
  22. 22. TAG! PORTER IS IT!
  23. 23. So what now?Tools• Google Analytics• Google Website Optimizer• UTM code builder•,•• Website Optimizer Duration Calculator• Sample size calculator• Chi-squared test
  24. 24. So what now?Step 1. Things you can do right now• Open a Google Analytics account (or at least bookmark it)• Open a Google Website Optimizer account (or at least bookmark it)• Bookmark the UTM tracking code page• Open a url shortener account• Rate this session highly
  25. 25. So what now?Step 2. Things to do when you get back•Add Analytics code to your site•Decide UTM code standard, start using it•Start adding/soliciting ideas for that testing doc•Look at Analytics data, determine “traffic centers”•Look into tracking/source code info of your CRM(Convio, etc.)•Set up an initial sample test in GWO, get a feel for howit works
  26. 26. So what now?Step 3. Things to do in a few weeks•Pick at least one test and start it (let us know!)•Create a calendar (shareable) for testing and add a fewmore (be realistic)•Add to calendar when you’ll check data (don’t do itconstantly!)•Add to calendar when you’ll update the calendar•Make a testing results doc (shareable)
  27. 27. So what now?Step 4. PROFIT• Gain fame• Attain fortune• Brag to co-workers and friends
  28. 28. Questions? #12NTCNoExcusesPorter Mason• @portermasonSteve Daignaeult• @DaigneaultKira Marchenese• @kiramarch No more excuses Slide 43
  29. 29. Keep in touch!Porter Mason• @portermasonSteve Daignaeult• @DaigneaultKira Marchenese• @kiramarch No more excuses Slide 44
  30. 30. Evaluate This Session!Each entry is a chance to win an NTEN engraved iPad! or Online using #12NTCNoExcuses @