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Case study on amazon


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Case study on amazon

  1. 1. Presented by Arun Keshav K Ananthi I Jayalakshmi R S Rama Annamalai Vijay M
  2. 2. About Amazon… • • • • Amazon Inc is an American international e-commerce company. It was started by Jeffrey P. Bezos in the year 1994. It is a world’s largest online retailer When many .com companies were not able to survive during the 90’s, Amazon managed to survive and is successful now. • It is the 11th most searched site around the world.
  3. 3. Contd… • The structure of website will definetly make you to buy. • Buying suggestions based on your search. • Amazon also acquired many about to close .com companies like IMDB, CDNow and
  4. 4. Companies Owned by Amazon.
  5. 5. Case 1: Why has succeeded online when so many other companies have failed? • Amazon always welcomed addition of new products to its site. Even though it has started its business selling books, Presently it deals with 21 different categories of product. • The wide range of products availability has created a very strong customer base. • If any individual wants anything, the first vendor that comes to people’s mind is Amazon. • It is easy to sell your product with the help of amazon. This attracted many suppliers.
  6. 6. Contd… • You can’t get things at a cheaper price anywhere than amazon. • Anywhere shipping. If the product is dealed directly by amazon no shipping charges.
  7. 7. Case 2: Will the kindle revolutionize the book industry? • With the enormous development of technology, people get updated with their electronic machines. • Kindle offers you a easy to carry option. • You can carry many books in a slim tab. • Reference is easy. • Reading at night time without a light is possible. • Many sites offers free kindle books. • In future, the kindle users will increase.
  8. 8. Case 3: What’s next for amazon? Is cloud computing the right direction for the company? Where else can it grow ? • Amazon has already entered into the cloud computing business. • The company has a very good scope on the cloud computing. It is performing well. • It’s also said to be one of the safest site for CC by forbes. Suggestions. • Amazon can enter into online entertainment and communication. • It can develop software for international calling at cheaper rates.
  9. 9. Meaning in their new logo. The smile that goes from A to Z tells that the company is willing to deliver any product, anywhere in the world.
  10. 10. Thank You…