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Evaluation of poster

  1. 1. Evaluationour media poster. It was This is the final product of of poster produced after four previous attempts. I feel that I wassuccessful in creating an aspect of advertisement in which is large within the media. I also feel that I am successful inproducing a product that firmly establishes itself as that of a horror genre, thus appealing to its target audience.
  2. 2. The image displayed within the poster covers the entirety of the page. Thisallows it to become the focal attention of the audience. The picture depictsauthority over the little girl, placed at the top of the page. The fact that wecant see her face creates fear and excitement, almost allowing the audienceto imagine themselves what the young girl looks like. Also, the image of the hands being dragged away above the title confirms that there is violence in the film. This is very powerful, showing aggression within the poster, a fine contrast to the authoritative girl sitting above.Symmetry is displayed within the poster, particularly within the reviewsand the tagline of the poster. This creates an enticing and relevantrelationship between the two. The structure of these texts are compatible.This allows the poster to link well, appearing more neat and enticing. The colour scheme, red, grey and black is a consistent one, each denoting haunting, blood and evil, and death and the unknown. Such colours are displayed within many media products and allow the poster to assert itself as that of a horror genre. The colours seem very powerful, contrasting off one another. This will certainly draw attention to the product,, and will allows the audience to quickly acknowledge the genre.
  3. 3. The nature of the entire product was to create fear within something that is typically viewedas innocence and vulnerably. By using a young girl as the evil character, we are almostchallenging this idea, forcing people to feel more vulnerable. This is echoed significantly withinthis poster. The use of the girl is haunting, the addition of the doll supports this, particularly asit is disconnected from the girl. This suggests that she is not vulnerable. This is made evidentby her higher position, giving her authority and power over the audienceThe poster contains the typical codes and conventionsof an already existing film poster. This will bring aboutthis sense of realism. The general information such asactors and taglines allows the product to associate andfamiliarise itself with existing posters. Moreover thecredits at the bottom of the page further demonstratethis. Reviews produce this sense of realism within the product. It is largely an enticement, attempting to make people to want to watch the film. It also acts in a way to entice the audience, particularly as both reviews are by experts in the film industry. Audiences will be greatly reliant on such experts on deciding whether to view the film, highlighting this two-step flow theory
  4. 4. The tagline, as typical existing ones, acts in a way in whichanchors the nature of the film, suggesting possession. It issuccessful in that it doesnt give too much of the plot away, but isenough to entice and attract the audience Moreover, the title is very appropriate and finds great symmetry and links to the trailer and the poster. Again, making reference to the innocent nursery rhyme, it becomes fearful and eerie. The film is associated greatly by this idea of possession. In the nursery rhyme, the sandman hold great powers, making it powerful. This seems very effective, and allows us to challenge innocence, what people think is safe, is actually fearful.
  5. 5. How does it compare to already existing products? Much like my film poster, Wicked little things demonstrates many similarities, concerning the protagonist, location, and colour scheme,
  6. 6. Firstly, an important thing to recognise is that both posters share the use of a little girl as the singular character. This highlights the importance of both characters within the film. Moreover, both images of the girls are distorted, so that their faces are partially covered. This allows the audience to interpret their own characterisation of the girls, arguably emphasising the fear brought upon by the poster. However, one contrast in which is clear is the positioning of both characters. The girl used within my poster is portrayed by the use of a high-angle shot, emphasising her dominating, powerful and evil role within the film trailer. None the less, the camera angle used within the Wicked little things poster is still slightly lower, semantically depicting her role within the film.Moreover, the anchorage of the location within both posters is very apparent, with the inclusion of thewoods in the background of both. This brings about this feeling of isolation, emphasising the fear brought tothe audience. Additionally the colours used within the location shot are in some way changed. My posteruses a de-saturation of colours to bring about this dull, eerie tone. In contrast to this, the poster ‘wickedlittle things’ has used a range of tones, including the powerful sepia effect to create this grungy appearance,ensuring that the poster is in no way glamorised.The use of black colour is very apparent throughout both posters. This fits greatly within the horror genre,denoting death as a focal theme. Moreover, in using this black as a primary colour of the page, the boldnessentices the audience, attracting them to look at the product. A recognisable difference within both posters isthe use of white in which I have adopted. This colour, I feel, creates a haunting tone, clearly not innocence.
  7. 7. My poster presents reviews as a means of enticing the audience, and persuading them that they should viewmy film. the use of these reviews and additional codes and conventions; such as credits, brings about a largesense of realism. This is a contrast to the real media product. Although wicked little things hasnt adoptedthis into their product, it still asserts itself as one. I feel that my using the review in my product, it defines itsrole as a real media advertising product.Another obvious contrast within both posters is the significance of the tagline. In my product, the tagline is acentral feature of the poster, using bold text, both red and white; it is certainly enticing for the audience.However, despite the already existing product using a tagline, it doesnt seem an important feature. it almostblends into the black background. Yes, this is allowing the image and the title to become the key aspects ofthe media, but, it almost undermines the typical conventions that are developed within posters.Clearly, my film poster generates the typical conventions of already existing media products. The posterWicked little things is a fine example of finding both similarities and differences. In studying both products,i have concluded that my poster uses the significant factors in which Wicked little things does, includingthe title, a main image, a tagline, and credits. However, my poster further develops other existing products,by including the film review, and the names of the main actors/actresses starring in our film trailer.