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The way to edit pvr file with windows movie maker or imovie


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Doremisoft pvr converter can help you to edit pvr on mac and windows by converting it to avi, wmv, mov, etc.

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The way to edit pvr file with windows movie maker or imovie

  1. 1. Have lots of pvr videos record the TV program you like most? Now want to edit your DVRrecordings to remove commercials before burning a recorded show onto DVD or over extendedrecordings to save space or delete a certain number of minutes at the beginning and/or at theend of a recorded program? So whats your favourite video editing software? For Windowsapplication which one is your favourite? Windows Movie Maker, Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere,Windows Media Player, Windows DVD Maker? For Mac, iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express?If you have tried to edit pvr video with the video editing software above you will find that most ofapplication is not compatible with the .pvr file. What should you do?There are to method to solve this problem. The first one is find a pvr video editor software whichcan import the pvr file directory to the application. The second way is to convert pvr video toother format that can supported to import into by your video editor. For example, if you want toedit pvr on mac and do not want to get another video editor, so you can choose a mac videoconverter to convert pvr to mov.Dormeisoft give you a solution to edit pvr on mac by converting PVR to MOV with doremisoft pvrconverter, this windows version converter will help you convert pvr to mpg wmv, so you can mpg,import them to Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Premiere, etc. for editing. the pvr converter formac version can help you convert pvr to mov on mac to edit them on imovie, fcp, etc.You can learn the ability to edit pvr on mac/windows:First, you should copy your pvr file to your mac or computer. Then you should get a videoconverter(mac or windows version) to install it to computer, after the installation, run the pvrconverter, click "Add File" to import your pvr file into this converter. You are allowed to importmultiple video at one time.
  2. 2. Then, set the ourput format. You can choose a suitable format for your application, move to themenu bar of "Convert To" and click it, and then choose the output format from the drop-downlist, if you want to edit it in imovie you can choose "iMovie"-->"iMovie ProRes (*.mov)".Finally, simply click the "Start" button to begin your converting pvr conversion. after theconversion is finish, you can import them to video editing software for editing, to move the adsfrom your video, or cut the unwanted clips.You also can learn:How to convert pvr file to avi for editing with windows movie maker?How to transfer .pvr video to mkv on mac and windows?How to convert .pvr file to mp4 to edit with imovie, final cut pro?