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How to burn a dvd from imovie with DVD maker mac


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Dormeisoft dvd maker for mac can give the way to convert avi, mkv, etc. to dvd, and also can help you burn a dvd from imovie.

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How to burn a dvd from imovie with DVD maker mac

  1. 1. Why we want to burn video to dvd? What the benefits of DVD?1. On DVD, videos are organized into chapters, this will make it wasy for you to jump to yourfavourit scenes directly using the button of "skip chapter" on the dvd plyer,Using DVD you canenter the chapter number, or use the DVD-Video discs menu feature.2. The truth is videotapes deteriorate over time. But DVD is a much more permanent and stablemedium. DVD is commonly used now for archival storage, and studies show that theres notheoretical limit to the lifespan of information on DVDs.3. Adoption rate for DVD-Video players is far greater than that of any other consumer electronicdevices to date and has long since surpassed the "early adopter" stage. Factor in new up-scalingDVD players to a higher resolution, such as 1080p, which has a picture quality equivalent toBlu-Ray discs, and you’ll see that the DVD is the medium of the future.4.DVD uses digital technology, ensures that the information delivered is exactly the same as theinformation recorded, without any loss. DVD supports a much higher image resolution as well,resulting in a crisp, clear image without any of the fuzziness of videotape.5. Audio and video information stored on DVD-Video is pure digital for a crystal clear picture andCD-quality sound. With DVD, you can copy your video easy, safe, makes your videos orphotographs are safe, forever.To have a convinient viewing and permanent safe high quality video burning video to dvd is thebest choice. But how to burn my video to dvd without vdeo quality loss?Doremisoft DVD maker mac is designed to burn all kinds of videos to DVD-5 or DVD-9 disc, it cansupport all SD/HD videos like WMV, 3GP, AVI, MP4, MOV, VOB, MPG, ASF, FLV, MKV, M4V, TOD,MOD, etc. to DVD with high quality on Mac OS X, in this process you can customize your DVDwith gorgeous free DVD menu or templates. Besides, you also can trim your videos to clip theunwanted duration from camera recording clip or download video clip.After getting this mac dvd maker, you can burn the all the videos to dvd, like burning avi to dvd.You also can edit your video with imovie first, then you can burn a DVD from iMovie follow thesteps:Firstly, export movie from iMovie:One, Choose File > Share > Export using QuickTime formats.Two, Choose "Movie to QuickTime Movie" from the Export drop down menu, if necessary.Choose an appropriate format from the Formats menu.Three, Type a name for your movie file and select a destination to save files.Four, Click "Save" to export iMovie project to video file.Then you can burn the imovie export video to dvd with dvd maker for mac:1. Import your iMovie exported movies to this Mac DVD burning program by clicking "Add File".
  2. 2. 2. Choose DVD-5 (4.7G) or DVD-9 (8.5G) as the output according to your DVD disc specs.3. Begin to burn iMovie porject to DVD.