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Fujifilm fine pix x100 review and how to burn fujifilm finepix to dvd


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A short review on Fujifilm FinePix X100, the one that produces great image quality and special user experience.

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Fujifilm fine pix x100 review and how to burn fujifilm finepix to dvd

  1. 1. Just like many other people, I was captured by Fujifilm FinePix X100 when it was first launched at2010 Photokina. According to the official description, Fuji X X100 is a fixed lens digital camerawith a Hybrid Viewfinder, which refers to "a backlit color LCD overlaying an optical view". Eversince it came into being, Ive heard people talking a lot about the good and bad of FinePix X100.However, no matter what people talk, by now, over two years have passed, X100 is still one ofthose top sales cameras. And it probably will keep standing the top for not a short term. Why canthis be an undoubtedly fact? Lets take a short review on it here.Aiming to producing great photo quality and a special user experience, FinePix X100 whereasattempts to confuse us with an odd user interface and wide open lens flare. Fujifilm X100 wasmade for a small market, whose potential buyers have to take it into consideration carefully thatwhether X100 meets their demands well enough to satisfy all their photo taking jobs.Despite the odd user interface, the most discussed shortcomings of Fuji X X100 are probably themanual dials which will easily turn. In addition, the manual focus is not easy for users to use. Lastbut not lease, the lens flare is dramatic, especially during the night.However, regardless of these minor defects, Fujifilm FinePix X100 is still a worth buying camerafor its outstanding quality imaging and mostly excellent optical performance. Moreover, it isapplied with a dazzling Hybrid Viewfinder, and its traditional mechanical controls fit the majorityof users pretty well.As to the storage, photos and videos shot by X100 are generally saved on SD cards, the latestSDHC and SDXC supported. Besides, about 20MB of internal memory is also available, in whichusers can store about 4 Large Fine JPEGs or 1 RAW file. Not enough? Well, you can choose toburn Fujifilm FinePix to DVD (on Mac) via a professional third party Mac DVD Maker as well.All in all, Fujifilm FinePix X100 delivers a very impressive performance, with high quality imagingthat holds together remarkably excellent from a wide range of ISO settings. Quoted from theofficial, "even ISO 12,800 shots make a good 8x10-inch print"!Tips: LimeWire is one of the most popularly used P2P clients for Windows, Mac and other OS. Ifyou get tons of videos and want to burn them to DVD disc, Mac DVD maker also can give asolution to burn LimeWire video to DVD.Additional reading:How to burn Video_TS to iso on Mac?How to burn google video to DVD for play back?How to burn wedding video to DVD?How to burn Hulu video to DVD?How to convert vob file to DVD?