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E twinningdurando vfinal.sharing

Marc Durando's address to the eTwinning Conference opening session in Rome November 2014

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E twinningdurando vfinal.sharing

  1. 1. eTwinning3 –Mainstreaminginnovation in education Roma –27 November 2014 Marc Durando
  2. 2. Current education issues •1 in 4 students are early school leavers (40% do not find a job) •1 in 5 young people are unemployed versus 500 000+ ICT jobs Education and employability •Is the current offer of in-service training programmesmeeting the needs of (aging) teachers ? •Retention rate of new entrants after 3 years Teacher capacity building and supply •Use of technology in schools (few time a months never) •Lack of ICT infrastructure (still) •Technology-enhanced teaching competence and students’ digital competence Digital competence and the digital divide •How to mainstream successful innovation? •How to enable large scale adoption by practitioners? Innovations fail to scale
  3. 3. Current education issues eTwinning massive success over the last 9 years has a role to play Nurturing new teaching and learning practices Innovative bottom up approach Openness to teachers
  4. 4. 131 000 schools 40 countries including eTwinning+ 30,000 visitors/day 280 000 teachers 37 500 projects eTwinninginnovation successstory eTwinning as a laboratory of innovation
  5. 5. New Professional development opportunities Professional Development Workshops –Learning events Professional development activities for teachers Community of teachers in Europe Governing and animation structure Opening to other countries –eTwinning+ Major achievements Major achievementsof eTwinning
  6. 6. Potential innovationadoption Pedagogy Technology School vision Education systems Teaching processes Curriculum Assessment Innovation in education –a complex process Flipped classroom Self directed learning In and out school learning processes IWB -1:1 – tablets Mobile learning Digital Text books Open Educational Resources Use of laptops & Access to internet Learning analytics Cloud computing BYOD -eSafety Autonomyflexibility curriculum
  7. 7. Investing in Education – Current trends – Transformation of education approaches • Rethinking the role of teachers • Impact of social media platforms • Increasing focus on OER • Evolution of on line learning • Rise of data driven learning and assessment • Cloud computing and tablet computing • Educational games and mobile learning • Personalised learning • Integrating ICT in teacher education • Students’ low digital competence • Authentic learning opportunities -
  8. 8. Opening Learning Environments –opportunities to innovate for organisationsteachers and learners Open Educational Resources – opportunities to use open knowledge for better quality and access Connectivity and Innovation – partnerships for infrastructures, new products and services and interoperability A concerted efforts to seize the opportunities of the digital revolution Four elements Technology and Open Educational Resources as opportunities to reshape EU Education Opening up education communication –Sept 2013 framework organisations learners •Single gateway in Europe •Curriculum •High quality standards broadband, •European excellence •Integrated concerted
  9. 9. eTwinning3 –The future of learning How eTwinningcould contribute to this challenge of mainstreaming innovation?
  10. 10. eTwinning eTwinning3 –Support for future schoolingchallenges Cooperationplatform eTwinningconference Qualitylabel Monitoring Community HowhaseTwinningimpactedteachers, classesandschoolpractices? RewardingeTwinning ContinuingProfessional Development Learning events-PDWs
  11. 11. Has eTwinningimpacted teachers, classes and school practices? ~320000schoolsinEurope 131000eTwinningschools 40%ofEuropeanschools 6000000teachers 280000eTwinningteachers 5%ofEuropeanteachers Around2eTwinningteachersperschool 25000 113000 131000 0 20000 40000 60000 80000 100000 120000 140000 eTwinning 1 eTwinning 2 eTwinning3 Number of schools Different phases of eTwinning Number of eTwinning Schools 38000 240000 280000 0 50000 100000 150000 200000 250000 300000 eTwinning 1 eTwinning 2 eTwinning3 Number of teachers Different phases of eTwinning Number of eTwinning Teachers
  12. 12. Towards an eTwinningschool strategy Michael Fullan–Stratosphere-2013 Innovative education systems Innovation challenges Innovative teachers InnovativeschoolGlobal approach
  13. 13. •WhatistheaddedvalueofeTwinningforaschool? •HowcanaschoolimplementawholeeTwinningstrategyinitsenvironment? Towards a school strategy Effective educational leadership Innovative bottom up approach Strategicdevelopmentoftheschoolincludinginandoutschooldevelopments. Associatingallschoolsactors
  14. 14. eTwinning eTwinning3 –Support for future schoolingchallenges Cooperationplatform eTwinningconference Qualitylabel Monitoring Community HowcaneTwinningbemainstreamed? HowcaneTwinningleverageitsroleoflaboratoryofinnovation? RewardingeTwinning ContinuingProfessional Development Learning events-PDWs Mainstreaming versus Innovation
  15. 15. School actors eTwinning eTwinning3 –Mainstreaminginnovation Cooperationplatform ContinuingProfessional Development Learning events-PDWs RewardingeTwinning eTwinningconference Qualitylabel Monitoring Community Technical challenges BYOD OER Cloud computing Mobile learning Tablets On line learning Pedagogy challenges Flipped classroom Digital textbooks Digital competences Assessment Teacher training Head of schools Games IT advisers Guidance counsellors Teachers Roleof the SchoolEducation Gateway Learning analytics
  16. 16. Access to European cooperation policy in school education for teachers and schools Large scale project community Support and tools for the development of the school cooperation dimension in Erasmus+ Sharing of best practices on projects SchoolEducation Gateway
  17. 17. eTwinning •Facilitator of project cooperation •Community of teachers •Support for professional development of teachers –Rewarding eTwinningteacher work eTwinningand the School Education gateway School Education Gateway •Sharing of best practices on projects •Open to all schools and teachers •Access to innovation on education How to initiate teaching and learning practices in various fields How to share the results and provide inspiration for schools and teachers From a bonding capital network to a bridging capital platform
  18. 18. Balance between top down and bottom up approaches Enabling legislation (national, local) to facilitate the new practices Strengthening the evidence based of new practices (representative pilots) eTwinning+ and national Empowering and rewarding teachers to take up new practices Pre and In service training Nurturing innovation through networks CoP Four recommendations Recommendations -mainstreaming approach
  19. 19. The important role of teachers By 2030 simply knowing facts will have little value. Education will need to equip learners to think: •Creatively •Independently •Rigorously •Collaboratively In full awareness of themselves and their social context EquinoxBlueprint–Learning 2030
  20. 20. •Teachers are at the heart of the change •Teachers as innovators and researchers –adapt to rapid changes in digital technology and on student needs •Teachers as the orchestrator of the learning processes •Teachers as data analyst experts (supporting new assessment approaches) •Collaborative learning with peers -Untapped potential of current teachers communities •Inspiring teachers The important role of teachers
  21. 21. What is an efficient teacher in the 21stcentury? A professional with a high judgment capacity in situation Teaching today is about being a reflective professional teacher (Donald Schön) The professional teacher as one who learns from teaching rather than one who has finished learning how to teach Linda Darling-Hammond, Stanford Graduate School of Education
  22. 22. •From eTwinningteachers to eTwinningclasses and eTwinningschools •Role of school leadership eTwinningwhole school approach Conclusion -Major challenges of eTwinning •eTwinningpart of the curriculum for pre service training of future teachers •eTwinningpart of career development for teachers eTwinningfully embedded in education systems •Support for innovative approaches (Cloud computing, BYOD, new assessment models, learning analytics, …..) Laboratory of innovation •eTwinningnational •eTwinning+ •Exchange of practices beyond projects Mainstreaming
  23. 23. Conclusion Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Nelson Mandela