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2 characteristics of 21 st century learning


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Presentation from the Workshop Designing future schools and 21st Century creative teachers - Adil Tugyan

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2 characteristics of 21 st century learning

  1. 1. Characteristics of 21st Century Learning What do you think these characteristics are?
  2. 2. Learner-Centered• Rethinks traditional teacher-learner roles.Learner as data holder,designer and decision maker.• Nurtures role of play,informal learning and creativity.• Supports wide range of academic success.• Defines success in terms that support learner, not schools or districts.• Learner benefits from flexible, diverse,differentiated support models .
  3. 3. Media-Driven•Project,Problem or Inquiry-based.
  4. 4. Personalized• Learning is personalized by platform,interest,assesment results,self-selected pace.
  5. 5. Transfer-by-Design• Learners constantly adapt,revise and synthesize information, using old learning in new, unfamiliar, meaningful ways.• iTEC can be a fine and appropriate examlpe of this aspect in which students imagine,search,brainstorm and eventually design things. Students learn everything by doing the tasks themselves discovering new horizons with a little guidance from their tutors at school and experts out of school by organising design participatory workshops.
  6. 6. Visibly Relevant• Increased Transparency• Causing personal or social change, socially collaborative,visible products/projects/artifacts; Natural contexts.• 21st century learning requires learners to be aware of their needs both academically and socially.
  7. 7. Data-Rich• Persistent and highly- consumable data and planned data sources that allow for easy revision of curriculum,instruction and resources.
  8. 8. Adaptable• The opposite of scripted and homogenized.Ownership by all stake-holders,learnes,teachers etc.• Responds naturally and meaningfully to data and emerging best practices
  9. 9. Interdependent • Little is in isolation.• Increased in transparency between schools and local communities.• Media and assessment relate; content areas coverage; technology supports learning, not simply instruction.
  10. 10. Diverse• In terms of media, instructional/assessment strategies,audience,collaborative approaches,technology use,data sources, etc.
  11. 11. If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow John Dewey Thank You :)