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Intro to the NYC Startup Community


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Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Intro to the NYC Startup Community

  1. 1. IN T R O D U C T IO N TO TH E N YC S TA R TU P C O M of ContentN I T Y M U Strategy Anna C. Lindow Director General Assembly
  2. 2. N YCS TA R TU P S :TE C H + [ ]
  3. 3. N O TA B L E N YCS •Bit.lyA • R T U P S •MakerBot T •Meetup • •OKCupid •Chartbeat •SeatGeek •Codecademy •SecondMarket •Etsy • •Foursquare •Tumblr •Gilt Groupe • •GroupMe •Warby Parker •Kickstarter •Yipit •Lot18 •ZocDoc
  4. 4. W H A T D E F IN E S A NE C O S YS T E M ? •Startups •Investors •Talent •Mentors •Partners •Service Providers
  5. 5. C OMMON M IS C O N C E P T IO N S•NDAs / “people will steal my idea”•“Just need a coder to build my product”•Write a business plan —> get funding•The loudest people are the smartest•Too hard to get “in” or catch up•Silicon Valley is all that matters•Entrepreneurship is too risky of a career path•Founding a company is the best way to get involved•Only developers can get good jobs at startups
  6. 6. C OMMON•Front-End Developer (CSS, HTML) ROLES•Back-End Developer (Ruby, Python, Java)•UX/UI Designer (inDesign, Photoshop)•Product Manager (Light frontend dev, design)•Business Development (Sales, Partnerships)•Marketing/User Acquisition (Email marketing, socialmedia, SEO, data analytics)•Data Scientist (Hadoop, Matlab, SQL)•Sales (willingness to find and follow leads)•Community Management (Social Media)•Operations (Customer service, Office management)•Other roles depending on vertical (education?fashion?)
  7. 7. DO:•Learn the lexicon and how to best position your skillset•Think long and hard about what kinds of environmentsbest suit you and seek out those•Roll up your sleeves and learn new skills•Remain humble and figure out ways to give back to thecommunity even when you’re a giant success ; - )
  8. 8. D O N ’ T:•Think everyone knows something you don’t•Be afraid to ask for help, guidance, and introductions•Hesitate to offer whatever it is that YOU do best•Get discouraged
  9. 9. HOW DO I GETS TA R TE D ? AS K YO U R S E L F :•What am I passionate about? What types ofenvironments suit me? What am I good at?•What part of the tech community best matches up to mypassions and skills?•How do I best hone these skills and communicate themto others?
  10. 10. WA YS T O G E TIN V O L V E D•Sign up for events newsletters•Attend meetups, happy hours, panels, and classes•Learn how to code / design•Go to hackthons and Startup Weekends•Take interesting people you meet out for coffee•Be useful – make introductions, give feedback,help people you meet, keep an open mind•Blog about your experiences and adventures•Engage on social media
  11. 11. TH A N K YO U Questions? Anna C Lindow @annalindow
  12. 12. A P P E N D IX : B L O G STO R E A D•Chris Dixon —•Fred Wilson (A VC) —•BetaBeat —•SAI —•Paul Graham’s Essays —•Hacker News —•TechCrunch —•General Assembly —
  13. 13. A P P E N D IX :N E WS L E TTE R S
  14. 14. A P P E N D IX : N O TA B L EORGS•New York Tech Meetup —•Hack NY —•Techies Give Back —•NY Hacker / Hacker Union —•We Are NY Tech —•Internet Week —•Social Media Week —•NYC EDC —•NYC Digital —
  15. 15. A P P E N D IX :C O W O R K IN GS PAC ES•WeWork Labs—•New Work City —•3rd Ward—•Grind —•The Yard —•Hive @ 55 —•Projective Space —•Green Desk —•Dogpatch Labs—
  16. 16. A P P E N D IX :A C C E L E R ATO R S