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Mock staff development proposal for LIS 773

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Staff development proposal

  1. 1. Rebecca Feil Julie Foote Anna Kim KristenWhaley Staff Development Proposal
  2. 2. Statement of Need •All middle school students must meet standards by graduation. •Teachers must be familiar with these standards.
  3. 3. Proposal brief Teacher Institute Day Jigsaw teacher groups Maximize efficiency Maximize exposure to different types of technology Curriculum material will be created in accordance with state standards.
  4. 4. Support ISTE and NETS teacher standards ISTE and NETS student standards Media Center Vision and Mission Statements from Urbana Middle School
  5. 5. Goals Teachers will understand and implement the standards in a technology-based lesson plan. Teachers will develop a technology-integrated lesson plan for use in connection with their curriculum. Teachers will be able to create presentations using applications that they were previously unfamiliar with. Teachers will be able to teach their students how to use these new technologies to enhance their learning and to use in class projects and presentations.
  6. 6. Examples If our goals are achieved, teachers will be able to: Integrate their new knowledge of computer software and relevant technologies to make research projects more enjoyable and educational for students.
  7. 7. Examples Present lessons and information to their classes in new ways that will transition their learning from just information towards insight and new inquiry for lifelong learning.
  8. 8. Examples Teach their students these new skills so that they may enhance their own work and understanding of information in order to effectively communicate what they’ve learned to their peers and future teachers.
  9. 9. Activities Jigsaw groups Breakout groups-focus on technology tool Software choices: Prezi Google Earth Wikispaces/Weebly iMovie/Movie Maker Animoto Pecha Kucha Google Presentation Software Return to teams
  10. 10. Timeline One week prior: Assign groups Program goals Assign different technology tools to each group On the day of: School librarian presentation on 21st century standards Breakout session Return to teams Q&A
  11. 11. Required materials Laptop Copy of 21st Century Standards LCD projector w/ screen School Media Center Instructional handouts Senteo response clickers
  12. 12. Facilitator Responsibilities Prior to Institute Day Meet w/ admin for approval. Alert teachers of goals. Prepare handouts. Order copies of 21st Century Standards. Find 3 volunteers to lead other breakout sessions. On the day of: Introduce session and goals. Lead session. Afterwards: Lead Q & A Evaluate feedback
  13. 13. Assessment The teachers in the staff development will be assessed on several factors: If the lesson or project they have planned appropriately meets the Standards for the 21st -Century Learner. Whether or not they were able to finish planning a technology-integrated lesson. Whether or not they use the technology tool effectively to present information in a way that is easy for students to understand.
  14. 14. Assessment Assessment of staff development training Teachers will take a Senteo based evaluation at the end of the session to give the librarian instant and easy to read feedback on the staff development. Teachers will also be asked to fill out a reflection form about the staff development including further questions and suggestions for improving the activities. The librarian and the other facilitators will fill out a reflection form and discuss the session to determine if teachers are comfortable with the standards. The facilitators will also evaluate the materials created during the session and if they meet the Standards for the 21st -Century Learner.
  15. 15. Budget Amount Purpose Explanation $54.00 4 sets of the Standards for the 21st -Century Learner (bundled in a group of 12) so each teacher in the training can have a set of standards Teachers are far more likely to become familiar with the standards and consciously use them if they each have their own set. $8.00 Materials Promotional flyers and handouts
  16. 16. Conclusion Upon completion of the teacher institute day:  Every teacher on the team will be able to integrate four new technologies in their classroom The best learning incorporates skills, resources, and tools in order to create a well-rounded student. The lessons taught and hopefully learned in this teacher institute day will enable teachers to prepare students for success.
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