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We Walk at 7 Again


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We Walk at 7 Again

  1. 1. Art: Cost ReductionPrograms Art Education: CRM and Strategic Thinking Architecture: Thinking About You (featuring Ayah Marar) 6:34 mins / Calvin Harris Architecture Education: Thinking About You / 6:52 / Calvin Harris Art: Thinking About You / 5:52 / Calvin Harris Art Education: Thinking About You / 6:48 / Calvin Harris
  2. 2. Architecture: Thinking About You / 5:28 / Calvin Harris Architecture Education: Thinking About You / 5:42 / Calvin Harris Innovating through both design and analytical thinking to generate value Delivering outstanding results via a capability to lead strategic thinking Invigorating people to act based on insight from inspiration, imagination and information
 Building winning teams, motivated to improve performance and competence