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Business Community


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Business Community

  1. 1. Art: Technology and Change Leadership Art Education: Technology and Process Understanding Architecture: Sustainable Actions Architecture Sustainable Enterprise Systems Art: Business and Community Workshop Art Education: Digital Management and Planning Architecture: Business Applications Architecture Education: Technology Architectures Participating in real estate software steering committees by contributing customer insight from over 30 commercial property management companies managing assets for Black Rock thus creating market-oriented solutions that can then accepted by consumers. This requires collaboration, integrative thinking and an understanding of and empathy for all the roles affected by the new creative solutions Managing change as project implementer interfacing and collaborating with people from senior management to entry-level accountants and lease administrators
 Promoting paperless/green process initiatives to third party property managers. Adopting initiatives creating efficiencies and improving accuracy 
 Discovering commercial budgeting process that can benefit from a similar new residential process in the near term rather than over 2 years as planned. Leading the project and implementing the tools in the next budget cycle. Adding improvements in two subsequent cycles to improve budgeting accuracy 

  2. 2. Identifying the need for automatic notification for incorrect bad debt write-offs to protect the interests of the client. Designing a solution, overseeing the development and implementing the automatic notification