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Becoming a Do'er


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Becoming a Do'er

  1. 1. Art: Learning Environment and Challenges Art Education: Data Quality Assessment and Business Planning Architecture: Embracing Change Architecture Education: Retailing and Exercise Art: Challenge Art Education: Initial Thoughts Architecture: Perspectives and Resources Architecture Education: 9 and 1/2 Weeks
  2. 2. Ensuring customer retention by providing solutions that suit customers’ specific needs. Supporting customer retention team expansion through training and coaching Translating and proofreading general and technical documents from English to Chinese through numerous localization projects; providing interpretation service for various international conventions, high quality and efficiency contributed to on time and quality delivery of all projects Leading a national marketing and sales team of 10+ team members comprising of Territory Sales Managers, Marketing Specialist and Client Care Representatives, planning and supporting ongoing marketing and sales efforts through various activities including advertisements, technical seminars, product demo sessions, trade fairs, team member coaching and client service; responsible for the formulation and implementation of Autopro’s marketing and sales strategy Building and leading the implementation of a new management model for three repair facilities comprising 100+ employees; the model improving operating efficiency and customer satisfaction. Related activities include: new market opportunity brainstorming, technician training, customer reception and follow up process improvement, team building, inventory management optimization