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Dove presentation

  2. 2. + BACKGROUND OF THE BRAND’S SUCCESS  Dove is a well known brand in the beauty product industry. They do a good job of providing their customers with proof of being left with silky smooth skin and hair  Their latest digital campaigns demonstrate their beliefs of women finding their true beauty  They focus on and help to inspire women of all shapes and sizes to feel confident in their own skin
  3. 3. + CURRENT BUYERS  Even though Dove is a well known brand, it has a reputation of being thought as a brand for older women  They present older women in their commercials and ads  There also is a higher amount of ads for age renewal products from this brand
  4. 4. + CURRENT BUYERS  Their target market appears to be geared toward middle aged women  This is a good target market for them because it is in this age group where women begin to feel less beautiful and their skin begins to act strange due to the rapid and other things  Their products are usually a bit on the pricier side as well and it is more affordable for women in this age group
  5. 5. + NEW TARGET AUDIENCE  A new goal for a target audience, however, is to try and target younger women between the ages of 18 and 25  It would be in their best interest to start targeting this younger crowd of women because they will soon become the successful middle aged women of our day  If these young women aren’t interested in Dove throughout their younger days, they may not keep Dove in mind as their first choice as they get older
  6. 6. + SOCIAL MEDIA OUTLETS  Dove already does a fantastic job of creating online videos and making them go viral  Although their videos become extremely popular, they do not necessarily make people want to go out and buy Dove products  Social media would be a great way to reach a younger target audience  It is better to reach this target group while they are on a site in which they enjoy
  7. 7. + SOCIAL MEDIA OUTLETS  In order for someone to buy a product they do not normally use, they are going to want to know what is in it for them  Most people are not going to go for more expensive products if they think it will create the same results as the cheaper ones  Especially with today's economy, it is more difficult to attract people toward the pricier brands  Use this knowledge as a lead in to keep viewers’ attention
  8. 8. + BIG CAMPAIGN IDEA  A digital campaign market that would be huge and different for Dove would be to create a smartphone application  This mobile app will be a way for young women to stay connected to the brand and to eachother  One will be an open forum for young women to ask questions they may not feel comfortable asking friends or family  Another person going through similar bodily or any other issues may respond
  9. 9. + BIG CAMPAIGN IDEA  The other function of the application will be the brand loyalty aspect to help their customers stay loyal and always thinking Dove  This will be able to tell users which Dove product is right for their particular body type  It will help with acquiring products for the customer's skin type  The customer will select their skin’s color, texture and moisture (oily to dry)  This digital marketing strategy will help young women to feel more connected to the brand and feel as though these products are made specifically for them.
  10. 10. + COSTS?  Using this strategy and agency would cost Dove approximately $250 an hour  This will include all the time spent coming up with strategies on how to make this idea come alive and to make it readily available in the specified time limit  There also needs to be a budget of $200,000 set aside  This will go toward lab testing and researching the skin types and scent/product compatibilities  Since the applicaton is providing a service, it will can be bought through the app store for $2.99
  11. 11. + LINKS 