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If you are wondering what to see in Barcelina, check out this catalog, it might help. I have created three itineraries to discover the city from different points of view. Experience Barcelona with and like a local!

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Cataleg eng

  1. 1. My grandmother often talked to me about Barcelona, shewas 100% barcelonina (it means from Barcelona) and whenshe was away, she was sad, as if she was missing someonebeloved. I grew up surrounded by stories related to theRamblas, the Port, the Parallel Avenue, the markets, theEixample…Hello! My names is Anna, I am a journalist and I loveBarcelona. I provide cultural and private tours. The ideaof sharing this city led me to create Barcelonina.Barcelonina proposes authentic, creative and learnigexperiences beyond the elements featured in touristbrochures.
  2. 2. Are you planning a weekend in Barcelona? Would you like to get the most of your visit to the city? Ipropose to hire a private tourist guide just for your party. You are going to be amazed by our atypicaltours, by the city an by our prices.Barcelonina (means from Barcelona) has created different tours to be done in about three hours and since itis a private tourist guide, you are going to be the only group with the guide. It is going to be done at yourown pace, answering your questions, giving you the information you need (transports, restaurants…)and all in a friendly atmosphere.We have designed several tours to discover the city while having a great time. The tours are done by footor by electric bike and you are never going to be part of a largest group. This way, the tour follows yourown pace. A walking tour around the history of the city. Starting at the Cathedral, we are going to pace Some of the main highlights of this historical city. We are going to be at the Plaça del Rei (where the power was located in the Barcelona Golden Age, the gothic streets, the Roman remains, Sant Felip Neri square,the Jewish area and Santa Maria del Mar.
  3. 3. Discover Barcelona through your senses. From the old town to modenist builidings following the path of the markets of the city. My grandmother used to sell watermelons and melons in la Rambla, nearby the Boqueria. When she told me this story, it was the first time I heard about this market, the mostfamous in Barcelona. La Boqueria is one of the oldest markets in the city. The place was buzzing withactivity when its actual location was just a field near the citywall. Afterwards, by the growing of the city,more markets were built as the Concepció, the Llibertat or the Abaceria. This walk proposes to make anapproach to the history of Barcelona through the taste, the colours and the perfumes of its markets.Barcelona and the 5 senses! Two of the highlights of Barcelona: Parc de la Ciutadella and the waterfront, together in one itinerary to enjoy at any time of the week, although my uncles, for years, do it every sunny Sunday. Arc de Triomf is our meeting point. We’ll have a promenade around the park talking about the history of the city and through the 19th century rail- station we arrive to the last stop of our tour, the Barceloneta. We´ll trace the history of the neighborhood as we tread the streets, admire its architecture and enjoy some tapas….Let’s stroll around the maritime Barcelona!
  4. 4. The electric bikes allow to cover longer distances without getting tired. The following tours are good todiscover some places in a touristic way but there are more relaxed. They really suit as a teambuildingactivity. Montjuïc is a sportive background. The mountain was one of the firstF1 circuit and has some of the ‘92 games facilities. It is a part of some popular happenings, like the “Cursadel Corte Inglés “ and several years, during the city festivities, an ascent to the Castle was organized.We are going to meet at the beginning of Paral·lel Avenue. I am going to lead you up to the mountainwhere we are going to see the Olympic facilities. Our ascent is going to culminate in front of the Castle,where the views are spectacular! And all this is going to be effortless, because the electric bikes help us tocover long distances and to save the unevenness of the land without getting tired.
  5. 5. The 22@ is a big town planning project which has meant thetransformation of an industrial area of the city. Nowadays, big corporation headquarters coexists withapartments and parks. With the visit to one of the oldest parks of the city we are going to start a touraround the latest transformations of the city.We are going to meet at the bcnEbikes facilities and to head to the “Arc de Triomf” and the Ciutadella Park.I am going to lead you through the park and its history. We are going to discover the Barceloneta quarterand to scour the waterfront to stop under the shades of the trees in Diagonal Mar. Pedaling along theDiagonal Avenue we are going to arrive to the Poblenou Park to end our tour in the 22@ district.
  6. 6. A nice promenade along the Paseo de Gracia to admire someof the masterpieces of the Modernism: The Palace Lleó i Morera by Domenech i Muntaner, la Casa Batllóby Antoni Gaudí and la Casa Amatller by Antoni Gaudí. We are going to stop in front of la Casa Milà,also known as La Pedrera in order to admira the last “civil” work of Gaudí. A minibus is going to bewaiting for us to go to la Sagrada Familia. The second part of the tour is a detailed visit of the temple.
  7. 7. : Gaudí, Picasso and Miró are three wellknown artists. When I started to read about thehistory of the city I realised that some periods of their life took place in the labyrinth of Ciutat Vella. Idecided to go into the life of the three artists and to writte down all the places where their life crossed.After that I checked if there was any connection between them. The tour Art in Barcelona is born andstarting at the Pla de Palau we are going to pace a prolific era of the catalan art. Barcelona and its mostartistic side!PRICE: The price of each tour is 150 €/ 200€ the Barcelona, the modernism and Gaudí tour. (VATincluded). up to 6 persons. The ebikes tours have an extra charge of 10€ per person.The price is independent of the number of participants. If you are, for instance, a couple, a family of four ora group of six, once you book, the group is closed. It is going to be just you and the guide.THE PRICE INCLUDES:the guided tour, an appetizer (soft drink, beer or wine) per person and theticket for the public transport in case it is taken during the tour.The tickets to any attraction are not included.DURATION:3 hours / 4 hours the Barcelona, the modernism and Gaudí tour.
  8. 8. We can propose tailor made tours.We can organize mixed activities such as a walking tour+tapas or a walking and e-bike itinerary.If you wish to know our philosophy better, we invite you to visit either our Barcelonina or theblog. Anna Juarez Carrasco +34 639 77 49 17 Languages: catalan, spanish, english and french.