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Nodular acne


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This article takes a look at the nasty condition of nodular acne, if your condition has progressed to this stage, it is important to take steps to combat it as soon as possible.

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Nodular acne

  1. 1. Nodular AcneOverview Of Nodular AcneThis article takes a look at the nasty condition of nodular acne, if your condition has progressed tothis stage, it is important to take steps to combat it as soon as possible.Out of the four medical classifications of this skin disease nodular acne falls into the the grade threeclass, and this is therefore a severe condition, often as a result of failing to treat the condition in itsless serious stages therefore leading to its developmentCause And Effect Of Nodular AcneNodular acne occurs when then pus contained in pustules or spots finds its way deep into the lowerlayers of the skin, this is usually due to rupturing of the cell walls of the pustules, and this is one ofthe reasons acne sufferers are always told not to pick or squeeze at their spots or pimples.Once pus has entered the epidermis in this way, it can begin to solidify forming thick, firmdeformities of the skin that are known as acne nodules.Because nodular acne is of the inflammatory variety, as opposed to milder forms, these nodules cancan swell and cause much pain and discomfort to the victim, if yours has got to this stage it shouldbe clear that you need to seek treatment advice from your doctor, or a dermatologist, sooner ratherthan later because it should be apparent by now that the condition is only going to get even worse,and if it does you could well develop cystic acne which is the most serious of all and classed asgrade four which is the highest.Both nodular and cystic acnes will almost certainly lead to scarring of the skin, which can be quitedeep and unsightly, thus causing a certain amount despondency for the victim.Although there are various treatments and procedures nowadays that can reduce the effects of scartissue most of these are prohibitively expensive for many people, possibly several thousand dollarsa time, and more than one treatment may be required.Treatment Of Nodular AcneInitially a doctor may prescribe antibiotics to try and bring things under control, thesemeds will act to both combat the infections already present and stop them getting anyworse, they will also help combat inflammation and swelling, if treated early enoughthis is likely to prove a successful method, although it may be some time before anyimprovement is noticed.There are quite a few different antibiotics in this group and several may need to administered to findthe right one.If antibiotics fail to work for whatever reason there may come a time when you the subject ofisotretinoin arises.Isotretinoin And Nodular AcneIsotretinoin more commonly known as Accutane is a very successful medication for the treatment ofacne, the downside are the side effects that this compound can give you, being a systemic drug, itcan affect many different parts of the body, in some cases these side-effects can be very serious, sothe sufferer will have to determine whether or not they wish to take on the associated risks, all of
  2. 2. these will be explained fully by your physician and no doubt your condition will be closelymonitored.If you are a female you have another option open to you that can sometimes prove effective and thatis birth control medications, these work on an hormonal level by altering your body chemistry thatmay be causing the acne problem.Surgical Treatments For Nodular AcneOther surgical methods that are available as treatment for nodular acne include, direct injections ofa cortisone drug into the affected areas. and this will certainly help in reducing swelling and theassociated pain.Another possibility is that of surgical excision, whereby the offending tissue or solidified sebum iscut from under the skin, this obviously requires a surgeon to carry out this procedure for which youmay need a referral by your doctor who will advise you further if it deemed necessary to treat yourcondition.For more helpful acne advice and information go to