Natural Acne Remedies – Discover HowOrganic Products May Help Cure AcneAloe Vera As A Natural Acne RemedyAlthough widely k...
your complexion, so either way you cannot lose.Witch Hazel As A Natural Acne RemedyWitch Hazel is a type of small tree of ...
Baking soda for acne treatment though may be used in several different ways, as mentioned onanother page elsewhere on this...
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Natural acne remedies


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Look after your skin with these natural acne remedies, these are some of the most effective treatments for mild acne outbreaks

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Natural acne remedies

  1. 1. Natural Acne Remedies – Discover HowOrganic Products May Help Cure AcneAloe Vera As A Natural Acne RemedyAlthough widely known for it’s other healing properties as a natural acne remedy it is perhaps notquite as popular, Aloe Vera is also known as medicinal Aloe, it is a tropical succulent plant that iswidely used by natives in the countries in which it grows and in recent years has been adopted intomany types of Western homeopathic health remedies, for a variety of different complaints.Actual concrete Scientific evidence has yet to properly established, but there can be little doubt ithas beneficial effects for many conditions, in this case the skin.Aloe vera should not be thought of as a miracle cure for acne, but it can certainly assist with skinthe repair of damaged skin, it also has good soothing properties and can help a great deal withinflammation, but as stated, on its own it will not make you free from acne but it can help to lessenthe effects, and this in itself is worth a try for the sufferer, because as a natural acne remedy it willprobably help you.natural acne remediesAloe Vera products are generally formulated as a gel for use on the skin, and they should be appliedas directed, there are various different preparations, soaps, skin cleansers and so on, and they shouldbe used together as part of you general plan for curing your acne.Certain products can also be applied directly to acne as topical treatment, other types can be used asa moisturizer, Aloe vera can be particularly good for this, it should also be noted that Aloe Vera canbe used as a mask too, apply it to the face before retiring and wash it off in morning, there is notmuch doubt that for many people Aloe vera products work well when used as part of a generalregime, it is important to remember that they will not fix your acne on their own, and it might be awhile before any beneficial effect is noticed, but as with any natural acne remedy nothing isguaranteed to work for everyone.Help Heal Acne Scars With This Natural Acne RemedyMany people would probably not consider honey as a natural acne remedy, and to some extent thisis true as it will not actually cure it, but the properties of natural honey can be beneficial in treatingthe scarring that acne may leave behind, help them to blend in better with the rest of the skin, and inthe case of some people remove them altogether, it may take some time to work, but results haveshown that it may well be worth the time and trouble it takes to apply it if you are particularlyworried about your scarring.Manuka honey, is considered the best to use in its raw state, processed honey such as that canbought a the store probably not effective as the refining may destroy their natural chemicals.You can eat it of course, but the idea is to spread it all over your face as a form of mask, then leaveit to do its work until it becomes dry. this is usually around half an hour, after than wash it off withwater and pat dry, make sure that you washed your face before application.Even if using honey does not seem to help your acne, you can be sure it will be good for the rest of
  2. 2. your complexion, so either way you cannot lose.Witch Hazel As A Natural Acne RemedyWitch Hazel is a type of small tree of the species Hamamelis, extracts from it have long been usedin medicine and it is a tried and trusted remedy for all manner of complaints.It has excellent astringent properties, and has a natural anti-bacteriant quality making it excellent foruse for acne for which it is well known, it also helps to contract distended blood vessels and is usedfor this medically.Witch Hazel is a wonderful natural product and is definitely worth using as a facial astringent andcleanser, apply it with a pad or tissue soaked with to the affected area and do this a couple of times aday, there is no need to wash it off, it obviously will not cure acne but it costs very little and youshouldn’t be without it as a face cleanser, any drug store should sell it.If you find that using Witch Hazel makes your acne worse then obviously you should stop using itimmediately as it is unlikely that it will be suitable for everyone’s skin.Apple Cider Vinegar – A Natural Acne Remedy Or Cure?One of the latest products to be added to the list of acne home remedy is that of of apple cidervinegar, it seems to possess some very beneficial health aspects and is being touted as sort of cureall for all kinds of ailments, including acne which is what it is appearing here.It is undoubtedly effective for its ability to flush toxins from the body and it contains severalchemical acids that may help to remove excessive oils from the body, and it is possible these are thereasons why it can work.However apple cider vinegar may not be agreeable with everyone and it has been reported that insome cases acne has worsened after taking it, but other have seen excellent results in under a week,so it will be a case of trying it for yourself to see if it has any effect for you personally.To check whether or not you have an adverse reaction to it, the usual method is to rub some on aless sensitive area of the body first, say the forearm, before putting any on the face, if all is well,then try it on a small area of your acne first, you should not use apple cider vinegar on the skin neat,but dilute it around 8:1 with water, another secret tip is to crush an ordinary aspirin tablet to powderand mix this well in until dissolved, this solution can then be applied to a clean face like a lotion.The drawback with this natural acne remedy is the very strong smell of the vinegar, so if you intendto go out anywhere you will probably not want to apply it beforehand.An alternative is to actually drink it, as it is if you can stand it, otherwise mix it with something elseto change the taste, like an acidic fruit juice.Baking Soda – An Inexpensive And Natural Acne RemedyOrdinary Baking Soda, (Sodium Bicarbonate NaHCO3)has long been used by many acne sufferers,and in some cases it has actually cured the sufferers acne problem, in other it has certainly been ahelp in bringing their condition under control.Its main characteristic is its powerful bacteria killing qualities, it is often used in the sterilizing ofthermos flasks, as it is completely safe and leaves no smell or residue.
  3. 3. Baking soda for acne treatment though may be used in several different ways, as mentioned onanother page elsewhere on this site, it may be mixed into a paste with a little water and gentlymassaged into the face, this makes an excellent cleaning medium for the face to really clean thefacial pores, and it works very well for this, wash it off after ten minutes or so, it may also be left onuntil it completely dries thus forming a mask, this may take around half an hour or so.It may also be mixed with water as a liquid and sprayed onto the face with an atomizer, use about asmall eggcup full in warm water out of the kettle and shake it until completely dissolved then justspray onto the face, keep your eyes covered, and let it dry, it is not necessary to wash it off.Final Thoughts On The Best Natural Acne RemedyIf you are an acne sufferer, I hope you will try out some of the things listed above and if you do Isincerely hope they will be of considerable help to you, one way or another.If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them in the box below, you willneed to log in but your email will not be shown on the site, also you may have your own story,acne-related experiences, better still, maybe you would like to share your favorite natural acneremedy, I will post them here for everyone to share.For more useful and helpful information on treating acne and looking after your skin make sure youpay a visit to the authors website at ...