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How To Treat Acne – A Quick Step by StepGuideHow To Treat Acne – OverviewIn this how to treat acne article an attempt is m...
pharmacist what they recommend.If you haven’t already done so there are many traditional home remedies for acne that you c...
The success rates of Accutane are as high as the risky side effects, which is a list as long as yourarm.Only you can decid...
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How to treat acne


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How to treat acne

  1. 1. How To Treat Acne – A Quick Step by StepGuideHow To Treat Acne – OverviewIn this how to treat acne article an attempt is made to give you a fast track solution to where youwant to get to with an easy to follow walk-through of some of the options that are available to theacne sufferer so that may be better able to focus your attention in order to hopefully effect a cure.The are tens of millions of pages on the internet offering acne advice,most of it is good but it is easyto get overwhelmed, so in this article an attempt is made to cut through all the verbiage and makethings a little more clear cut.Bear in mind first of all there are no miracle cures, all acne treatments can take some time to work.It is assumed your acne is not severe, if it is then it’s highly likely you will already be seeing adoctor or skin specialist, and with their advice you will know what route to take.How To Treat Acne – Action StepsHere then is a sawn-off action guide on how to treat acne.If you have been searching the web for answers you have probably seen the same advice manytimes but here it is again anyway.Firstly, are you drinking enough water? proper hydration is extremely important for good skin,mineral or tap water is fine, six to eight glasses a day, maybe more if its very hot where you are, justsip it do not glug it down, if the weather is cold drink hot water from the kettle, (do not drink hottap water) it might not be to your taste at first but you will get used to it and it does not chill thestomach.Are you consuming lots of sweet, sugary foods and drinks? if you are stop right now, and starteating healthy – while you at it refrain from eating too much junk food, eat more fresh fruit andvegetables, blah blah blah, you know the score, but use this link for some acne diets advice.Set yourself a good cleansing routine and stick to it every single day, this is vitally important, maketime to follow it rigidly, no excuses. There is one available for free one this site, look for the opt-inbox in the left hand margin, this will also tell you how to treat acne using Benzoyl Peroxide as yourmain weapon.Another route you can take here is to purchase a guide, working on the assumption if you haveinvested a few dollars in buying one you will be more likely to follow it through, to make sure youget value for money, and of course the authors system may just work for you, check this site’ssidebar again under recommended acne systems.If you wear makeup, read this article: avoiding cosmetic acne there are many products that youdon’t want to be putting on your skin, some of them can cause breakouts, You may also like to readup on concealers, and sunscreens and then you may also want to look at some good acne cleansersand acne moisturizers.If you have the odd zit or pimple or a case of mild acne then an over the counter remedy willprobably be all you need to clear it up, so make the pharmacy your first port of call, ask the
  2. 2. pharmacist what they recommend.If you haven’t already done so there are many traditional home remedies for acne that you can try ifyou are short of money, try lemon juice first!If your acne is a little worse then arguably the two best commonly available products for treatingacne are Benzoyl Peroxide, and Salicylic acid, other products and home remedies may work forsome people, but there is nothing as consistently effective as these two products, especially BenzoylPeroxide.Make sure you begin with a low concentration product and follow the instructions on the label foruse, be aware you will probably suffer minor side effects.Nothing Worked Yet?Tried all the above for two to three months and nothing worked? Did you honestly stick rigidly toyour cleansing routine? Time to go up a gear.You can read as many website pages as you like but they may not be of much help.You need a professional opinion so, next pay a visit to your doctor or dermatologist and get theiradvice on the severity of your condition, they may then give you a stronger prescription medicationlike Tretinoin or one of its derivatives, in addition they may even prescribe a topical antibiotic aswell.Be aware these may give you some mild side effects on the skin like a burning sensation, reddeningor peeling, as you may well do for most acne treatments, there is nothing you can do about this youjust have to grin and bear it, and think no pain – no gain.If the Tretinoin had no effect your doctor may now prescribe antibiotics, if he didn’t already.If your doctor or dermo deems your condition serious enough you might be prescribed some oralantibiotics, these can take several months to be effective and also have minor side effects, you willbe advised what these are.Oral contraceptives may be also prescribed for females with acne in some cases, these can workwell but once again are not without side effects or some minor risks, although they may beconsidered many times safer than Accutane. Your doctor will advise you further.Tried all the above and no improvement? Now it’s going to get expensive.How To Treat Acne – Other Medical ProceduresCosmetic procedures. Chemical peels and micro-dermabrasion may work. These cosmeticprocedures are most effective when used in combination with other acne treatments. Temporary sideeffects can be severe redness, scaling and blistering, and long-term skin discoloration.Laser light therapy, a relatively new technology that may not prove particularly effective, is oftengiven to people with a low tolerance to the drugs mentioned above. fairly expensive, but worth a try.Hopefully if you have been through all the above your acne has now cleared up, if not you are oneof the unfortunate sufferers.How To Treat Acne – As A Last ResortAs a last resort and if you have a real serious acne problem, your doctor may prescribe the realheavy-duty acne drug Isotretinoin, also known as Accutane.Depending on how desperate you are you may decide to live with your acne rather than risk thepotentially dangerous side effects of this drug.
  3. 3. The success rates of Accutane are as high as the risky side effects, which is a list as long as yourarm.Only you can decide if you want to take the risk, if you are a pre-menopausal female you will bemonitored by an FDA approved service.Hopefully this short how to treat acne guide has brought things into perspective for you and younow have a clearer picture of what action to take, persistent action is the keyFor much more helpful advice and many more methods and tips for treating various acne conditionsgo to: