Birth control for acne


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Birth control for acne

  1. 1. Birth Control For Acne – Clearing Acne WithThe Contraceptive PillBirth Control For Acne – Ortho Tri-CyclenSometimes doctors will often prescribe medications meant for birth control for acne sufferers whohave a severe condition, there are many different types of these medications and they all usuallyhave minor side effects, happily one of those side effects is helping to clear away acne, this is doneby the way the chemical compounds in the medication work on body hormones.One of the latest drugs to appear of this type is Ortho Tri-Cyclen and many women have reportedquite a success rate after taking it for some time.Birth Control For Acne – Ortho Tri-Cyclen Side EffectsGenerally it has only mild side effects such as, occasional nausea, headaches, slight stomach pain,and minor breast enlargement, have been reported when it is first taken, in most cases it has beensuccessful especially in dealing with acne, only a few cases were reported where the conditionactually grew worse.Taking Ortho Tri-Cyclen birth control for acne can also lead to women feeling less emotionalduring their menstrual cycle, may have lighter periods and feel less cramping, several have reportedslight weight loss.Obviously these reported symptoms are just a cross-section of the feedback gathered, as no twopeople are alike there is always going to be some differences on what women experience whentaking this type of medication and the effects may be more or less pronounced on your own body,obviously if your period symptoms get a lot worse or you acne flares up, you should stop taking themedication straight away and refer back to your doctor for further advice.Cost Of Ortho Tri-CyclenRelatively speaking it is quite an expensive product compared to others, a months supply isgenerally around the $20 to $30 dollar mark, you should be away that there are also some genericproducts under this name and these will usually be cheaper, but they will not work as the well as themain brand, but as acne treatments go this is quite reasonable more so, if it works for you, it canalso clear cystic acne that occur on some females as a result of hormone levels, and these areusually quite difficult to treat with conventional over the counter remedies.ConclusionsUsers should be aware that this is not a miracle cure for acne, you will not see instant results and itcould take up to 90 days before you see a real improvement, but gradual clearing of the conditionshould be noticed before this.As with any medications of this type you should not take them out of hand just because they may beavailable over the counter, always consult with your doctor first.An important point to bear in mind taking medication formulated for birth control for acne is that ifyou if your condition is quite bad you may also be on a prescribed course of anti-biotics, if this isthe case do
  2. 2. not rely on the birth control pills to work for contraception, as they may cease to be effective whenthey are used in conjunction with certain anti-biotics, so before engaging in sexual activity withyour partner it will be necessary to use some other form of contraception as a fallback system incase the pill does not work.