Ready Reference, the Where Questions Resource


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Ready Reference, the Where Questions Resource

  1. 1. Ready Reference: finding the “where” online Maps of World By Anna Iwanski
  2. 2. What is it? Basic Info was begun in 2003 with the mission of making the maps available to everyone. The site is affiliated with Google, National Geographic and the International Map Trade Association, which allow browsers to purchase specific maps in addition to free online viewing. On their main page  Any country can be accessed through clicking on it to lead towards more specific information.
  3. 3. After choosing a country, one is presented with the full map of the area, for example: The main map of Nicaragua The other Nicaragua maps
  4. 4. Usability • • • • • All the maps I found to be easily readable, though they don’t appear to be able to be made larger if a user needed them to be. The structure of the maps- some complicated or unique—tend towards it satisfying a more adult audience but younger audiences, such as middle school might enjoy perusing the wide assortment of maps available to them. Maps found can also be downloaded, emailed and printed, which increases the retrieval of the information. In order to use this resource, the user might need to have an idea of the information he is seeking. For example, if he’s searching where are the largest mineral deposits, he would want to go to a general world map rather than a specific country. Otherwise, one could happily browse through the maps. Otherwise, there are no subscription fees or limited accessibility. Anyone can see and enjoy the information presented!
  5. 5. Navigation • The content is all free and easily usable. The main navigation is through the main breakdown of countries located at the top of the page and the specific maps are near the bottom of the page when that has been selected; all the maps appear to be labeled legibly and offer legends in the bottom left corner.
  6. 6. What kinds of questions can be answered? 1. Where is the world’s largest army? 2. Where are the domestic airports within Australia? 3. Where are the nuclear power stations in South America? 4. Where is Syria? 5. Where were the 1904 Olympics hosted? 6. Where are all the national parks in the U.S?
  7. 7. Where is Syria? This would be a question to consult within a general area map. This one was found within a large version of the world political map.
  8. 8. Where were the 1904 Olympics hosted? This question requires a more specific map. And there is one: According to this map, the 1904 Olympics were hosted in St. Louis.
  9. 9. Where are all the national parks in the U.S? Again, this information can be found on a specific map. Going to the maps under the United States, there is one titled USA National Parks.
  10. 10. Further Information Another thing I found helpful about the website is that updates are continually being made. For example, these are some of the recent additions to the website. This proves that the hosts of the website are committed to providing relevant information, adding to their authority. With its range of information— from world maps to state/country maps— the wealth of information available on this website is beneficial and accessible to all age users.
  11. 11. Further questions? For more information about how to unlock the full potential of Maps of World, feel free to contact me at
  12. 12. Maps of World. Compare Infobase Ltd. 19 Oct 2013. Web. 20 Oct 2013. All screenshots taken from website