Characters reasearch


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Characters reasearch

  1. 1. CharactersEach character should have its personal idiolect to create iconic representations in which the characters will gain the audiences feelings . Characters add to the narrative creating a very strong cultural verisimilitude.
  2. 2. Dress codeOne of the most important decisions about character is the image the director is giving them. Their appearance is the first thing that the viewer will be concentrating on. It is important to create a theme through the appearance of the character to give a deeper meaning within the other aspects of media.I’ve have done some research on the dress code for a dancer in different locations.
  3. 3. On the beachDancers on the beach havetwo main outfits. One of themis a floaty dress which createsa nice effect when the wind isblowing and the dancer ismoving around. The dressshould be in a pale naturalcolour to match the beachlocation . This pragmaticallymeans the ‘pure’ of the dancermeaning that it is only thetalent that matters. Thefemale audience visualsthemselves as being naturaland simple.
  4. 4. On the beachThe second outfit is a simple bikini or a leotard. Thisoutfit shows off the dancers body and clearmovements . Again giving the target audience whatthey want to see .
  5. 5. Hair – usually mid length When the character is dancing is should have its hair down for two reasons.1. It gives a natural look combined with the dress and the beach look. It supposed to be messy to emphasise on the purity of the character.2. In dance classes it is unacceptable to not have the hair tied up . It again gives the audience the ‘dream’ like image.
  6. 6. Make upDancers make up should be natural as again it is allabout the ordinary look of a female. This includes thenails not being painted and no tattoos or big piercings.
  7. 7. In the dance studioDepending on the style of thedance ,dancers there should bewearing different outfits .contemporary/lyrical danceoutfit can consist any form ofclothing like seen on thepicture..¾ black leggins and a differenttypes sleeveless top ,bare feetor ballet shoes.
  8. 8. In the dance studioFor ballet class female characters should wear ballettights, leotard ,ballet shoes or point shoes and oftenfor a warm up classes a top/cardigan leg warmers etc.
  9. 9. On the stageWhen dancing on the stage the characters should be wearingactual outfits that match to create the reality of a professionaldance showcase. Again this differs on the style of the dance.For ballet it is crucial to wear tutus .
  10. 10. On the stageOther styles of dance outfits depend on the story behindthe dance and the music that goes with it . Often it wouldbe a dress or shorts with a top and characters shoes ordance shoes . There should be a representation behindthe clothing the characters are wearing. In my trailer forthe final performance I want to have two costumes.
  11. 11. Male dancer character appearance Tank vest top or topless depending on the scene jeans/joggers High tops trainers
  12. 12. Tap dance outfitMust be tap shoes as that’sessential to do tap dance.I will challenge my trailer bynot having typical tap danceclothing such as the cane, hatand a leotard and waistcoat ora dress. As I mention I wantmy trailer to be unique and bycombining tap withcontemporary I will alsochange the costumes to bemore suitable for aperformance of the two dancestyles.
  13. 13. RepresentationOften when it comes to the representation ,the characters are verystereotyped so that the film/trailer appeals to a wider audience. I will take on a Challenge of the representation by using ordinary girls. In chorus line for example dancers are all the same height and size. That’s really difficult to cast when being independent film maker. The appearance such as size (stereotypical skinny size 0) Long nice hair , very pretty and toned Black swan challenges such as the health metal issues Boys are usually muscly (top off etc) Aesthetics of dance/costumes Gender and race stereotype.