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Allison's presentation


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Allison's presentation

  1. 1. Allison Gómez1ª BatxEnglish
  2. 2. Biography  Nelson Mandela was born in South Africa in 18 July 1918. He had 6 children in total with his 3 wifes. Their parents were Henry Madela and Nose Keni.
  3. 3. He was the first South African president elected byuniversal suffrage democracy, because the right to voteof the entire adult population. Nelson was 27 years inprision, was denied all the demands for freedom.Nelson Mandela won the nobel peace prize in 1993.
  4. 4. Prisions  He was in three prisions, the first in Robben Island, where he spent 18 years of 27. Nelson Mandela in Robben Island.
  5. 5. His reputation grew and came to be regarded as the most importantblack leader in South Africa. He had allowed one visit every 6 monthsand letter, their rations were scarce. While Mandela was in prisoncorrespondence study, obtaining the license to practice law. The secondprision was Pollsmoor with another dirigents of ANC.In 1988 Mandela was traslladed to the prision Victor Verster, remainingthere since his liberation.De Clerck announced Mandela liberation on February 1990.His wife Winnie Mandela propagued the ideals of her husbandand liderat many movements seeking freedom. In 1994 he waselected president of South Africa and ruled until 1999.
  6. 6. Prision Pollsmoor Prision Victor Verster
  7. 7. Fight against black-skin South Africa population discrimination and shunness. After their liberatestatus, he guided his party to finally get multiracial democracy in South Africa.