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These are some pictures that I used in my portfolio 2 to demonstrate different ways I fulfill the teaching standards. I wanted to upload it so you can see what a document looks like on a slideshare site.

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  1. 1. -21907514605<br />The SOS center in Milwaukee provides after-school tutoring for inner-city students. Volunteering as a tutor has given me new experiences working with a wide variety of ability levels and a culturally diverse group of students. I learned from them just as much as they learned from me. <br />2628900166370<br />Teaching VBS and leading music down in Mexico gave me experience breaking down cultural and lingual barriers to give directions, ask questions, and express emotion. Having these experiences with the African-American and Mexican minorities in the United States will help me teach across cultures.<br />114300154305I have tutored many students in English, Spanish, and Music Theory that were very quick learners and had no problem latching on to new tasks, lessons and ideas. For these students it is necessary to challenge them so they do not get bored with their work. Often times, exceptionally bright students do poorly in school because they are bored with the work and become uninterested. I keep my tutees thinking and challenged with new material, even if it is not part of their class work. <br />2867025318770<br />There are also many students that have learning disabilities that I will work with in my career. One girl named Elizabeta that I met and worked with in a Romanian orphanage taught me the value of patience and innovation when experimenting with alternative teaching methods. These students are also capable of high levels of achievement; it takes a skilled and devoted teacher to tap into the abilities of these students and make them bloom.<br />2095500207010<br />Meeting people in Mexico has helped me develop my skills in communicating in Spanish. I love being able to talk with Spanish-speakers in their native tongue and jump at every opportunity to develop my knowledge of the language further. Learning to communicate across languages and across cultures is an important aspect of teaching. I want to be able to break down barriers and meet my students where they are.<br />-285755715My dream is to teach English overseas after I graduate. English is an important language in today’s world, and I believe that teaching people to communicate more effectively can open the door of opportunity. Later in life, I also want to return to the US and teach Spanish. Because of different Spanish teachers, I have hated and loved the subject. My last Spanish teacher in high school inspired me to become a teacher. I want to help my students fall in love with the language too.<br /> <br />Whether on mission trips or on my own college campus, I love reaching out to create positive relationships with new people. Young or old, I believe that there is so much to teach and to learn from one another. Because of this my friends and acquaintances are very diverse. <br /> <br />The top two pictures were taken in Mexico on Concordia’s Juarez Mission Trip 2008. The children adore the love and attention they receive and are eager to return it. The middle row shows my international friends that attend Concordia. Below are pictures taken on my mission trip to Romania and Hungary.<br /> <br />