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Spartacus Hawaii

June 2013: "The Girls of Spartacus as Half-Naked and Empowered? The Impact of Gender Theory in Modern Sword and Sandal Television Series", The Hawaii International Conference in Social Sciences, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.

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Spartacus Hawaii

  1. 1. Augmented Realities: (Ancient) Love and desire in Spartacus (2010) Dr. Anna Foka UCGS UGPS
  2. 2. Love and Desire in Spartacus (2010) Summary 1. (Gladiatorial) Sword and Sandal 2. Ancient Love and Desire in Popular Culture 3. Masculinity, Femininity and Sexuality? 4. Historical Accuracy in the representation of emotions Popular Culture 5. Conclusions
  3. 3. Sword and Sandal? Sword and Sandal (Peplum) 1913-70’s SF Heroic Fantasy: 1980’s Historical Fantasy: 1990’s (The third Golden Age? 2000’s)
  4. 4. A New Genre? Gladiator Films Fabiola (1948) Sins of Rome (1952) Warrior and the Slave Girl, The (1958) Revolt of the Slaves (1961) Invincible Gladiator, The (1961) Revenge of the Gladiators (1961) Alone Against Rome (1962) Gladiator of Rome (1962) Gladiators Seven (1962) Slave, The (1962) Ten Gladiators, The (1963) Ursus, the Rebel Gladiator Last Gladiator, The (1963) Maciste, Gladiator of Sparta (1964) Two Gladiators, The (1964) Revolt of the Seven (1964) Spartacus and the Ten Gladiators (1964) Revenge of Spartacus, The (1965) Seven Rebel Gladiators (1965) Seven Slaves Against the World (1965) Spartan Gladiator, The (1965) Triumph of the Ten Gladiators (1965) Challenge of the Gladiator (1965)
  5. 5. A Guide to Gladiatorial Films  Muscles  Heteronormativity  Hierarchical struggles  Violence  Slavery GLADIATOR (2000) SPARTACUS? Kubrik (1960) Starz (2010)
  6. 6. What is Love? (Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me no more)
  7. 7. Muscles and Mascara Traditional Sword and Sandal (1948-1980’s) Primarily Heteronormative (Muscles and Mascara) Clothes on Romance Suspense Hierarchies Violence as homosocial Modern Historical Fantasy (1990’s- present) Some heteronormativity Ambiguous Sexuality Nudity Hardcore Violence Vengeance
  8. 8. Masculinity, Femininity and Sexuality? The sexuality of the Romans has never had good press in the West ever since the rise of Christianity. In the popular imagination and culture, it is synonymous with sexual license and abuse. Social Hierarchies Nudity Homosexuality Group sex
  9. 9. Social Hierarchies
  10. 10. Nudity
  11. 11. Homosexuality Gods of the Arena: Barca and Auctus Gaia and Lucretia Blood and Sand: Barca and Pietros Vengeance: Barca and Nasir
  12. 12. Group Sex- Private Clubs Threesome from the Suburban Baths in Pompeiidescribed also by Catullus, Carmen 56 Lucretia, Batiatus and Gaia Gods of the Arena Episode 3: Paterfamilias