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Long distance relationships


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Long distance relationships

  1. 1. According to a study published in the journal Communication Research, asmany as half of college students are in long-distance relationships, "and upto 75% will be at some point.”
  2. 2. “The slight distance from each other ishard, but makes it better when we seeeach other again” DU freshman CarlyMoore said about her long distancerelationship with her boyfriend, NicoFatta. “It is as though our bond isstrengthened through the physicalabsence.”
  3. 3. The Distance fromDenver, Colorado toKenya Africa is 8868miles. This distancewill put DU juniorSarah’s relationshipwith her longdistance boyfriend,Tyler, to the testwhen she studiesabroad there in thefall.
  4. 4. On average in a long distancerelationship, according to the TheCenter for the Study of Long DistanceRelationships, couples call each other afew times every two days. However, forMoore and Fatta call each other at least15 times per day and send on average100 texts per day.
  5. 5. “The hardeds part about being away fromeach other is not being able to experienceeach other’s company in person,” Mooresaid. “Also having limited types of affectioncan be hard.”
  6. 6. Modern technology, such as Skype, hasmade it easier for long-distance couplesto keep in touch, but also poses thedifficulty of when to hang up. DUfreshman, Marian French, says she onlySkypes with her boyfriend, BradWebster, once every two weeksbecause they’re conversation ends upbeing two hours long.
  7. 7. While spendingtime together isimportant in arelationship, manypeople find thatbeing apart helpsestablishfriendships.According to theCenter for theStudy of LongDistanceRelationships“friends provideemotional andpractical supportwhile you are awayfrom each other.”
  8. 8. “The long distance relationship is hard forme because I am a very tactile person.”Harris said. “That physical contact is reallyimportant for me because it reaffirms ourrelationship. It lets me know that he is therefor me in a very real way.”
  9. 9. According to a study done by a largesouthwestern university 53% ofcollege students in a long distancerelationship email or text each otherdaily.
  10. 10. “As long as there id effort from both sides [the relationship] will be successful,”Moore said. According to the Center for the Study of Long Distance Relationships only19% of long distance relationships last past the first 8 months. Fatta and Moore havebeen together for 9 month this month.
  11. 11. “We talk almost everyday, but the mostimportant thing is thatwe try not to dwell onthe fact that we’re farapart,” French said.“When we made thedecision to stay together,we promised that wewould not ruin theopportunity for newfriendships in college bybeing attached to aphone or a computer.”
  12. 12. “Long distance relationships require trust, confidence, unconditional love,immeasurable amounts of strength, and an insatiable hunger to want it towork,” French said. “I cannot even begin to tell you how scared I am everyday... but for Brad, it’s worth it. I am completely confident in ourrelationship and I know that he is the one. “