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The legend of the red dragon of wales 5 c


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Published in: Education
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The legend of the red dragon of wales 5 c

  1. 1. The legend ofThe legend of the red dragon ofthe red dragon of WalesWalesRetold by the students of 5-C formRetold by the students of 5-C form Taras Shevchenko Gymnasium,Taras Shevchenko Gymnasium, Kirovohrad, Ukraine.Kirovohrad, Ukraine.
  2. 2. Hello, dear friends. We are the students of the 5-C form Taras Shevchenko Gymnasium, Kirovohrad, Ukraine. We really like fairy tales, so we decided to take part in this project together with our teachers – Mrs. Dudich, a teacher of English and Mrs. Kolot, a teacher of Literature. As you can see, we have a flag of Wales in our English classroom, so it was interesting for us to learn the legend of the red dragon of Wales.
  3. 3. This is how we workedThis is how we worked on the project:on the project: Our teachers printed out illustrations made by Welsh kids. We discussed the legend first in Ukrainian, then in English. We tried to retell the tale and here is what we have:
  4. 4. A mighty king wants toA mighty king wants to build a a castle.  Once upon a time,Once upon a time, there was a King inthere was a King in Wales. He wanted toWales. He wanted to build a castle. Atbuild a castle. At night his servantsnight his servants built a wall, but in thebuilt a wall, but in the morning it wasmorning it was ruined. Next nightruined. Next night they built the wallthey built the wall again.again.
  5. 5. A castle in ruins.A castle in ruins.  The wall was builtThe wall was built during the day andduring the day and ruined at night threeruined at night three times. The King wastimes. The King was upset. He thought :upset. He thought : “What is wrong?“What is wrong? What is happening?What is happening? Why can’t I build aWhy can’t I build a castle?”castle?”
  6. 6. Asking for advice.Asking for advice.  The King asked forThe King asked for help. He sent ahelp. He sent a servant to find a wiseservant to find a wise boy who couldboy who could explain why theexplain why the castle was ruinedcastle was ruined every night. The wiseevery night. The wise boy knew how toboy knew how to stop it.stop it.
  7. 7. Help is coming…Help is coming…  The servant found aThe servant found a young boy who hadyoung boy who had no father and tookno father and took him to the king.him to the king.
  8. 8. The boy makesThe boy makes everything clear.everything clear.  There was a lakeThere was a lake near the castle. Thenear the castle. The boy told the King toboy told the King to look under the lakelook under the lake and he would findand he would find why his castle waswhy his castle was ruined.ruined.
  9. 9. The dragons under theThe dragons under the lake.lake.  The King and hisThe King and his men went under themen went under the lake. There they sawlake. There they saw two dragons – thetwo dragons – the red one and thered one and the white one. They werewhite one. They were fighting every nightfighting every night and the ground wasand the ground was shaking so strongshaking so strong that the castle wasthat the castle was ruinedruined..
  10. 10. The red dragon wins!The red dragon wins!  Some time passedSome time passed and the red dragonand the red dragon finally won and killedfinally won and killed the white dragon.the white dragon. The King could nowThe King could now build his castle. Hebuild his castle. He was very happy. Thewas very happy. The red dragon livedred dragon lived happily in Wales.happily in Wales.
  11. 11. The flag of Wales.The flag of Wales.  Today the flag ofToday the flag of Wales has the redWales has the red dragon on it. Peopledragon on it. People believe that the redbelieve that the red dragon protects itsdragon protects its  Now we know theNow we know the story of the flag thatstory of the flag that is hanging in ouris hanging in our English classroom!English classroom! This is the flag of Wales from our classroom.
  12. 12. Dear friends, we are Hanna Dudich and Olena Kolot. We are sisters and work as teachers at the same school. We are really excited to be a part of this project. We and our children enjoyed it a lot! We learned something new about the culture of other countries and shared some facts about the culture of Ukraine. It was a useful and very interesting experience.