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Anna dragoni assignment wk3


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Anna dragoni assignment wk3

  1. 1. Anna Dragoni – Brand Identity 1Running Head:BRAND IDENTITY PROJECT Brand Identity Project Anna Dragoni Full Sail University MAR 628-BSB-O September 15, 2012 Ken DeGilio
  2. 2. Anna Dragoni – Brand Identity 2 Brand Identity Project Belle Arti Enterprises is the name of a company that deals with the world of the arts asseen clearly in the name. The uniqueness stays in the dual language that gives the idea of a multi-cultural approach. The company is originated and based in America and it has a European,western Mediterranean influence. The name Belle Arti literally translates as beautiful arts but as a whole Belle Arti meansactually Fine and Performing Arts. The inspiration comes from the original name of agovernmental department, Ministero Delle Belle Arti,which was part of the Italian EducationDepartment. Now, with a new law of the1998, the department has become autonomous and haschanged the name into Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali/Ministry of Cultural Heritageand Activities (Ministero, 2012). It promotes and funds:the restoration of historical building, thepreservation of artistic treasures,the production and distribution of artistic and cultural projectsand performances in all their forms. The association of the company‟s name to that concept givesimportance to Belle Arti Enterprises, which wants to operate similarly in the field of the fine andperforming arts but in the private sector of the arts industry.The addition of the word Enterprises wants to signify that the company is a commercial businessin contrast with the vast number of non-profit organizations existing. The strength of the name stays in its boldness but at the same time in the easiness of thetranslation and pronunciation in at least four languages including Italian, French, English,Spanish, and more. At first sight it is clear that the company has to do with the arts, and the termenterprises is very understandable worldwide. The musicality of the name-sound also increaseslikability. Very often people have the desire to repeat words like: Bella Italia, Vita bella, Belladonna, to evoke positive feelings and memories. So the name is very distinctive although is not
  3. 3. Anna Dragoni – Brand Identity 3using original words, and very appropriate to the positive and energetic spirit that the companywants to convey. Enterprise means also endeavor, courageous journey towards somethinginnovative.The length of the name might be a concern but considering that people tent to reducethe number of words to the minimum(Ries, 2002) the company could be called just Belle Arti, asthe blending sound of the two words will flow as one: “bellearti”. Without any regards to thecapitalization of the name, Belle Arti enterprises, bellearti, and/or Belle Arti Enterprises willmaintain the same meaning and will apply to the rule of brevity, as the criteria for a good name(Neumeier, 2005). The name is protectable as outlined on There are other two organizationstied to the name Belle Arti without claiming the exclusivity of the name. They are two historicalacademic institutions for the arts. Belle Arti Enterprises will be the young, agile, manageablecommercial organization that will work in the same field but focused on production andperformances, with an adaptable attitude to the rapid changes of the economy. The domain name of the company is also available in all of its forms. It will be good andimminent strategy for the online brand of the company to create an independent website to befunctional and relevant on a global and technological market too. The logo is the name of the company wrapped in the three letters corresponding theinitials of the name. Although it includes an acronym the letters are written as a signature, whichwill convey that there is a person responsible behind it. The name is not short but can stay in one horizontal line. The colors red and black give asense of elegance, power, determination and sense of confidence without being too aggressive. The Tagline is: The most authentic artistic experience. “There is no rule that your taglineand mantra cannot be the same” (Kawasaky, 2004). The company uses the tagline as its mantra.
  4. 4. Anna Dragoni – Brand Identity 4 The conceptis directed to everybody,from employees, employers to customers. Itstimulates curiosity to know more about the company and to what it is doing. It moves people toparticipation to something that sounds so appealing and enjoyable. The experience will be livedby the performers by the group creating the project and by the audience who will not just receiveinformationbut will be touched emotionally too. The mantra will be included in the tagline andwill be promoted with the name of the company any time it will be advertised. The tagline is concise, unique, and memorable.It tells the story of the company in fewwords. It is unique because it positions the company above the level of the others, it is easy toremember but it will be also memorable for those people who after living a good artistic momentwill be willing to pass that experience on to others just talking about it. Belle Arti Enterprises COMPANY LOGO Other Logos I found very appealing and interesting the logo and the new brand for the anchor manConan O‟Brien. He uses his physical feature to identify his brand.His unique hairstyle and color,distinguish him from all the other anchormen. In the logo, the hair in orange color serve as an
  5. 5. Anna Dragoni – Brand Identity 5arch under which some letters in white regroup like in a niche. Outside this arch or “porch like”there is the initial letters of his name that happens to be CO, which could mean in company withor under the leadership of Conan.The white and orange colors stand out lively from the boldlyblack background without being heavy. The general feeling that the audience and thecollaborators might have is to be part of a group working together or enjoying together his showor his company.The name is in fact TEAM COCO. It is elegant, fun, original, it points outimmediately his brad identity and it gives a great sense of togetherness.Here is the logo logos This New York City modern dance company takes the name from the name of thecomposer Pascal Rioult. It is the compositions of Rioult that inspire the choreography. The logo
  6. 6. Anna Dragoni – Brand Identity 6very descriptive, tells you everything you need to know. Where they are from, what they do andwho they are.( the Music FreeThe Musician Network has been set up for musicians to share their ideas, and their music withother musicians. The logo is direct to the point and easy to understand for those who are part ofthe industry. The logo is a simple outline of a musician in a „Springsteen‟ like pose with thewords: the musician network written underneath, showing the passion of the musician and usingcolors streaming from the guitar and around the page to indicate the musical stream coming fromcreative collaboration.
  7. 7. Anna Dragoni – Brand Identity 7 Trustus Theatre is a local theatre that for over 25 years has attempted to bring alternativeprofessional theatre productions to a City, Columbia SC, full of community theatreorganizations. The key to the logo is to convince the local theatre‟s goers that this is the placewhere they are going to get the best of what the city can offer. „Trust Us‟ to bring youprofessional entertainment is the tagline that is in the title itself. The underlying principal of Trustus hasalways been“to bring the best of the newest andoriginal plays, to an audience craving professional theatre in a setting that is comfortable andunique”Belle Arti Enterprises statement is broader in category and community scope. The company isinterested in the development not only of local talent or national product, but also internationalmaterial for an international community.
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