Annadhana book project


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Giving voice to the wisdom of India’s traditional people by encouraging children from indigenous communities to write and publish their own environmental story books.

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Annadhana book project

  1. 1. REVIVING INDIA’S TRADITIONAL KNOWLEDGE AND WISDOM. BY ANNADHANA BOOK PROJECT Giving voice to the wisdom of India’s traditional people by encouraging their children to write and publish their own environmental stories.
  2. 2. India is the last big repository of Traditional Knowledge Systems with skills and expertise in the fields of health and ethno- botany, water harvesting, forest management, agriculture, animal care, textile, architecture...
  3. 3. To preserve Traditional Knowledge, it is therefore of utmost importance to make children aware of the significance and relevance of indigenous practices and skills and thereby, instill a sense of pride and confidence about it. The all-important traditional ecological knowledge developed by India’s traditional people over many hundreds of years of intimate interaction with the natural world is today on the verge of getting lost for ever.
  4. 4. Annadhana Book Project aims at: Giving to rural children an opportunity to share with the world through the medium of story writing their adventures and learning while… grazing cattle roaming jungles in search of wild fruits fishing and catching crabs at the river hunting birds helping parents with the harvest…
  5. 5. The project will also be an opportunity to: 1. Discover and document India’s Ecological Traditions. 2. Enhance respect for local culture, its wisdom and its environmental ethics. 3. Encourage pupils to learn from elders and respect their knowledge. 4. Create awareness about the importance and relevance of indigenous practices. 5. Reconnect native youth with the land and its culture emphasizing ancient connections to the natural world. 6. Explore ancient traditions and build a modern life that "re-discovers" a natural harmony and balance with nature.
  6. 6. PROGRAM Annadhana Book Project will organize Creative Writing Workshops in SCHOOLS and NGOs working with children of indigenous communities set in remote rural areas. To capture India’s cultural as well as ecological diversity, Annadhana is planning to hold its program in about 50 rural schools around the country. During the workshop, the students will be introduced to the art of story writing, and illustration. The 5 days workshop is addressed to children aged 10 to 15 years old. The best stories will get published by a leading publisher of children’s books. Others will be made available online in downloadable ebook format.
  7. 7. Part of the program will also be: - the organization of a trip to nearby villages where students will help with the documentation of local practices in the field of agriculture, health traditions, biodiversity, water harvesting, forest management, vernacular architecture, textiles, crafts… - the setting-up at the school level of a Traditional Knowledge Exhibition where students will display local tools, baskets, crafts… The entire program will be documented in print as well as audio-visual media.
  8. 8. You run a school in a forgotten corner of India and would like to participate to Annadhana Book Project to Revive India’s Traditional Knowledge and Wisdom. Contact Muriel Kakani at Suggestions welcome.