Open to create... moo award 2012


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Open to create... moo award 2012

  1. 1. Open To Create . . . Growing robust and sustainable creative businesses
  2. 2. My mission withOpen To to inspire creativityand nurture talentsof resilient andsuccessfulcreative businesswomen whogrow robustand sustainablecreativebusinesses.They then areenabled to fullycontributeto themselves andtheir families andto the economicgrowth of theircommunities.
  3. 3. 3 cells joining to create new life. Colours mixing to create new colours showingwhen there is co-creation new possibilities open up.... co-
  4. 4. Working with Open To Create... was great and, its an experience that I would recommend to anyone wanting to bring purpose, clarity and enjoyment totheir creative projects and business. I found Anna to be a highly imaginative coach, the exercises and tools that she gave me not only helped me to become more focused and more organised, they also helped me to fuel my creativity and be mindful not to underestimate the importance of having fun. Its not all about fun though and Anna wont mollycoddle you, she is also a straight talking coach and she can be relied on to be direct if she thinks you are being stubborn or avoidant in any way. Anna was also incredibly generous with her time, each week she emailed notes from our sessions as well as a list of tasks to complete. These notes were invaluable, they meant that I was free to listen fully during our sessions, without worrying that I would forget something, and they have been an invaluable resource to refer back to. Thank you Anna & Open To Create... co- A. Carpenter, Accident & Emergence co-founder, artist, poet and facilitator
  5. 5. “Coaching has broadened my sense of possibility. Its given me a more realistic sense of myself.” Mattos, Cath Mattos, international festival & events organiser, Brighton Festival & World Festival Network “Its put the fire back in our bellies and helped us set quick win, achieveable goals.” Ola & Nadine, Euphoric Ink, playwriting courses “Its been a slow burner type thing. I’m ringing to let you knowI have been quietly assertive stating the facts and being clear about what I wanted. As a result I have been respected and given more than I asked for. It all feels very tingly and exciting” Writer, trainer, HC
  6. 6. “A well structured, useful day. Clear instructions, much fun was had. I was totally engaged. I left feeling inspired. Claire Jackson; artist, paint sales manager“Hearing where others also get stuck with marketing, understanding aways. different networking styles were the 2 top take aways. I have broken the back of the ‘superficial’ piece.” Dumont- Judi Dumont-Barter; Coach “Loved the concept, facilitators worked well together & complimented each other. Well worth the journey.” Edel O’ Mahony; Global Pioneer in Energetic Communications Mahony;
  7. 7. @Herman Stewart 9.34am 24.10.12 @annabsexton via Twitter @annabsexton “Anna I love your work ethic, you are highly reliable, effective and perceptive. Continue doing what you do as it helps.” Owner, Jo Del Mar - Owner, Jo Del Mar PR (business partner) was with another company when working with you “Anna is a highly motivated, driven and successful arts colleague. As arts co ordinator she makes projects happen. Has an excellent network and knowledge of arts development. Everything with which she is involved is a success. We need more leaders like Anna in the visual arts world.” May 24, 2011 Helen - hired you as a Career Coach in 2011 Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative“Annas coaching was fantastic. It helped me think clearly and creatively. Working freelance can be very hard, there is no obvious career path and goals can sometimes come adrift, but the coaching process with Anna has ensured that I have a clear direction, increased confidence and have made important life decisions which are now bearing fruit. Thank you!” March 19, 2012
  8. 8. Anna B. Sextonanna@opentocreate.com020 7515 945107941 655 856@opentocreatewww.opentocreate.com