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Madame Cj Pdf


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  • I think it gave a good general overview of Madam C.J Walker and her work and I really liked the pictures at the beginning of the slideshow, though it could have used more at the end.
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Madame Cj Pdf

  1. 1. Madame C.J. Walker Entrepreneur and Pioneer Business Woman
  2. 2. Madame Walker’s Wonderful Hair Grower!  Moved to Denver, CO- married Charles Walker, newspaper agent.  1905- launched Madame Walker’s Wonderful Hair Grower (conditioner)
  3. 3. Other Products: Hair grower- cure for baldness/hair-loss Improved Permanent Wave Machine- permed or curled hair for relatively long time (patented 1929)
  4. 4. Marketing Techniques: Before-and-after ads Advertised in Black newspapers Door-to-Door agents selling product Reached virtually every black household.
  5. 5. Other Successes  Walker Schools- employment to black women  Walker Agents-door to door salespeople  Madam C.J. Walker Hair Culturists Union of America- one of first national meetings of businesswomen  Anti-lynching activism
  6. 6. Inspiration Madam suffered from scalp ailment-began losing her hair Used products by Annie Malone, becoming a saleswoman for her.
  7. 7. Impact Madam was a pioneer in cosmetics and business world as a whole. Anti-lynching activist Philanthropist- gave money to reconstruction of Frederick Douglass’ house.
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