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Practicum presentation


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Published in: Education
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Practicum presentation

  1. 1. No More Hidden Collections;Establishing online archive research guides at Barnard College Anna Bernhard Practicum Spring 2012
  2. 2. Today I am going to share…• A little background about Barnard Archive & Library• My intentions and initial project ideas for the practicum at Barnard• My contributions to the archive website’s redesign• My inspirations for my archive research guides• Live demonstration of my Social Change Research Guide and a demonstration of how it works with pre-existing digital archive tools
  3. 3. A little Founded in 1889. Barnard College is a smallbackground… private liberal arts women’s college. It has a student body of about 2,300. The archives was founded in 1963 as the permanent repository of the college’s records Barnard College Archives is a unit of Barnard Library and Academic Information Services and is under the auspices of Academic Research and Instruction Support. The Barnard College Archives has one full time staff person, the college archivist Marcia Bassett, and one part time person, image archivist Astrid Cravens. Otherwise, the archives depends on student workers and interns.
  4. 4. My intentions…• Gain experience in instruction• Gain experience in outreach• Create or assist to create something that would be of lasting value to myself and the Barnard Archive• Have my project be tailored to compliment Barnard and its unique collections• Be able to complete it within a semester
  5. 5. Some initial ideas…• Adding archival materials onto librarians’ subject guides• Creating archive resource guides unique to a particular class
  6. 6. Research Guides
  7. 7. Other archival resource guides that influenced the format of the Barnard guides