Analyzing print products


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Analyzing print products

  1. 1. Analyzing print productsBy Annabel Hughes and Kate Wilson
  2. 2. The Others Film Poster
  3. 3. First Thoughts…At first look at The Others poster you can tell it is representing thehorror genre.The key signifiers in the text which classify it as part of the horror genreinclude: the colours used, as they are dark and the actors face is lightedwith candle light which gives it spooky feel and sets the atmosphere.Distorted text which gives the audience a sense it has been tamperedby something. The close up medium shot of the actresses face whichshows her scared, fearing something that must be next to her. Also thetag line is short and snappy so is easy to read and makes us questionwho will find us.
  4. 4. Film TitleThe title has been written in a large font at the bottom of the page closer to theright. It has been written in a large font so it stands out from the page andcatches the readers eye. It is in capital letters which make it seem moredramatic. The fact the font is distorted gives it a moving feel as if it has beentampered by something/ someone. Furthermore regarding the chosen binarycolour pallet used. The text and font sets a harsh and dark tone, expected of ahorror film poster.
  5. 5. Tag LineThe tag line is short and snappy and is written directly to the audience whichengages them. It makes you question, who will find us? And gives theaudience of a feel of vulnerability and entices them to want to know more. Ithas been written in the same font as the film title and in capitals letter.However it has been made smaller but been put directly below the title sothe reader sees it straight away. It’s a little taster of what the film is aboutand gives insight to what is to be revealed.
  6. 6. Actors NameThe main characters name is displayed across the top of the film poster. This isso it stands out at the top of the page for the audience to see clearly. Theyhave made this a feature to the poster and a unique selling point of the film.Furthermore ‘Nicole Kidmans’ fan base will want to see the film more. Thefont of the actors name ‘Nicole Kidman’ has been written in capital letters andis fairly large. Its quite a simple font, you would expect it to use the samedistorted effect as the title, however it’s a plain font. They may have done thisto make it look more formal, factual and make it look serious.
  7. 7. The main ImageThe main image is the first thing that attractsthe audience to the poster so has to be eyecatching and hook the reader. The image alsoneeds to represent what the film is about andgive us a clue as to what genre the film is. Theimage for this poster has been displayed to theleft of the poster which is where the readerseye naturally falls so is in the dominate spaceof the paper. The image has been lighted withwhat looks like candle light which shows us sheis in the dark and makes it more gloomy andspooky which represent which genre it is. It ismedium close up of the main characters. Wecan see she is looking to the side and makes usquestion what she is looking at. We can see thefear in her face and entices the audience towhat is there.
  8. 8. The Institutional InformationThe institutional information is in very small writing at the bottom of thepage. This is because it is the most important thing on the poster and theaudience don’t really need to see it. The institutional information displaysthe producers name, camera men, some of the other actors and thedistributors.
  9. 9. Film Magazine Front cover
  10. 10. First Thoughts…I picked this magazine cover to analyze as the actor is giving the cameradirect eye contact so it stood out to me as I felt like it was lookingdirectly at me. Furthermore the magazine follows a strong andcontinuous colour pallet. It has used blue, grey and white which show acold, mysterious tone to the magazine and to the film being featured.
  11. 11. Main ImageThe image is the most important aspect of amagazine. The image is a medium close up –with direct eye contact from the actor. Thismakes the magazine engage with theaudience and makes it feel more personal tothem. The direct eye contact makes theaudience feel like the magazine wasproduced primarily for them. The actor –Sherlock is positioned in the centre of themagazine which makes him look superior ashe is dominating the page. However hisbody language shows him as a laid back guywho Is easy going as he is stood with hishands in his pockets.
  12. 12. The MastheadThe masthead has been put in large, bold, white font. The word ‘total’ is smallerbut is cut out of the ‘F’ of ‘FILM’. This is continuous for all ‘Total ‘Film’magazines. This makes it stand out to the customer quicker as there eye istrained to look for this. I like how it covers the width of the top of page andhow you cant see the ‘L’ of ‘FILM’ because of the image. But because it is a topselling magazine you know which it is as they have gained a reputation andsignature look for themselves.
  13. 13. Main Sell Line/Film TitleThe film title has been put in a large text across the centre of the magazine overlapping the image. This engages the audience to relate the image with the filmtitle. It informs the audience what the film magazine is featuring. The word‘Sherlock’ maintains a professional classy style font which relates to thesophistication of Sherlocks character as well as relating to the time set an era ofthe film. Whereas ‘Holmes’ is written in bold, as this is what we usually refer toSherlock as. The white and blue conforms with the films cold mysterious side.
  14. 14. Sell LineThe sell lines give insight to other features the magazine has to offer. Herethey have been placed to the side of the image so they don’t crowd it. Theyare short and snappy. One in particular stands out to the audience with theuse of taboo language. ‘BASTERDS’ is written in larger font then the rest ofthe sell line and in bold capita letters. It jumps from the page and grabs thereaders attention.
  15. 15. Sky LineThe sky line acts as the first introduction to the magazine. It has used positiveconnotation and persuasive buzz words to incise the audience. ‘Coolest’ moviessuggests the content will provide them with the information on the best films.
  16. 16. ExtrasThe magazine professional aspects features in the bottom right hand cornera barcode, issue number, issue date, price, website, and other contactdetails. This is a good location to put this information so it doesnt distractthe audience focus from the features of the magazine.