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New York

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New york

  1. 1. New York
  2. 2. The evolution of NYC
  3. 3. The Big AppleThe Big Apple, as New York city is nicknamed
  4. 4. Is the home of 8 million people
  5. 5. It is consideredto be a national leader in business, finance, manufacturing, industry, fashion and the arts
  6. 6. New York is situated at the mouth of the Hudson River.
  7. 7. Port of New YorkIt is one of the largest ports of the world
  8. 8. The Liberty StatueIt was presented to the US by France to commemorate the hundredth anniversary of American Independence
  9. 9. The city consists of five boroughs
  10. 10. At the beginning of the 17th century only the wigwamsof the Indians stood in the place where the skyscrapers of new York Now reach to the clouds
  11. 11. In 1626 the DutchTrade Companybuoght ManhattanIsland from the localIndians at 24$. TheIndians called theisland Manhattanwhich in one of theIndian languagesmeant “Thay cheatedus”. The Dutchfounded a colonythere and called itNew Amsterdam.40years later theEnglish captured thecity and renamed itNew York.
  12. 12. ManhattanThe heart of the city is Manhattan – a rocky island ,thirteen miles long and two miles wide
  13. 13. Wall Street is the financial centre of New York
  14. 14. Here the New York Stock Exchange is situated
  15. 15. There are other world famous streets in New York such as Park avenue
  16. 16. The Fifth avenue
  17. 17. There are many fashionable shops
  18. 18. hotels and clubs in these streets
  19. 19. Because the streets of old New York were very narrow the Americans began to build high buildings
  20. 20. Empire State Building 1 0 2 S The Empire State T building was officially O opened on May 1, R 1931.It is visible from I many places in New E York.The 102nd –floor is S highest point in New York
  21. 21. Twin buildings of the World Trade Centre(110 stories)werebuilt which were destroyed as result of the terrorist attack on September 11.2001
  22. 22. United Nations Headquarters Occupy a six-block area on the East River
  23. 23. At the front of the buildings you can see 166 flags for the 166 member nations
  24. 24. It’s a city of famous theatres most of which are situated in Broadway
  25. 25. In fact, Broadway is the symbol ofAmerican theatre as Hollywood is of American cinema
  26. 26. One part of Broadway is sometimes called the GreatWhite Way, because the advertisements are so brigt in Broadway that they turn night into day
  27. 27. New York is very beautifully illuminated
  28. 28. The city has many world famousmuseums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art
  29. 29. Guggenheim museumwhich has very remarkable modern architecture
  30. 30. Graffitis on the walls
  31. 31. And finally we all are