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this is a report about Tausug.... hope na makatulong!!!

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  1. 1. TAUSUG Indigenous people
  2. 2. The Tausug or SULUK people are an ethnic group in the Philippines and Malaysia.
  3. 3. LOCATION They populate the Filipino province of Sulu as a majority, nut they also reside in the province of Zamboanga del Sur, Basilan, Tawi-Tawi, PalawanCebu and Manila as minorities.
  4. 4. RELIGION The tausug follow the Sunni Islamic beliefs and practices
  5. 5. RITUALS AND CELEBRATION Major events in the religious calendar include fasting during Ramadan. Hari Raya Puasa- a day of feasting immediately following Ramadan. Hari Raya Hadji- the feast of sacrifice on the tenth day of the month of Jul-Hadj.
  6. 6. Panulak Balah (lit., “to send away evil”), a day of ritual bathing on the last Wednesday of Sappal. Maulideen Nabi- the birthday of the Prophet, on the twelfth day of Maulud.
  7. 7. CULTURE In the past the Tausug were boisterous pirates who infested the waters from the Sulu seas but nowadays make a living from agriculture, raising water buffaloes and fishing.
  8. 8. Known as the best, gallant and ferocious freedom fighters of the world. Famous for being the best pearl divers in the world
  9. 9. MARRIAGE A Tausug marriage is usually arranged by parents, with the exception of the children of brothers, first and second cousins are favored spou.ses
  10. 10. DANCES Pangalay dance in which female dancers wear artficial elongated fingernails made from brass or silver known as janggay, and perform motions based on the Vidhyadhari.
  11. 11. CLOTHING The clothing of the Tausug is almost Arabic in design and this is due to the great influence of Islam in this place
  12. 12. EXAMPLE OF CLOTHING BIYATAWI- is a blouse made of plain material like satin and is ornamented with tambuku on the breast, shoulders, and cuffs.
  13. 13. PATADJUNG- is an all- purpose skirt worn by both men and women
  14. 14. PIS SIABIT- this is the head gear worn by Tausug men.
  15. 15. SAWWAL KUPUT- they are tight and loose trousers they wear
  16. 16. BADJU LAPI- a collarless short-tailored jacket similar to the biyatawi
  17. 17. PERSONALITIES  The Tausug are considered - Faithful -Strong- Willed -Intellectual -Creative
  18. 18. KINDS OF TRAITS Truthfulness Sincerity Unselfishness Humulity Patience Forgiveness Purity and cleanliness
  19. 19. Honesty Goodness and kindness to others Consideration and respect for others Courageous cheerful
  20. 20. POSITIVE BEHAVIOR They have good manners They are generous and kind They are hardworking and aggressive in business They are religious
  21. 21. They are brave They are studious They are loyal to their Tausug tribes. They protect their ethnicity. Tausug people are intelligent and talented
  22. 22. NEGATIVE BEHAVIORS  Impatient  Some Tausugs do not like to do household chores  Some Tausugs are envious people  Some Tausugs don’t like to be intimidates  The Tausug regards themselves superior to other Philippine Muslims and still live combative way of life