Testing and evaluation in foreing language teaching


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Testing and evaluation in foreing language teaching

  1. 1. Analysis of advanced English course. Exam 2 Ana Maria Vinasco Rodriguez.
  2. 2.  Knowledge: pedagogical component. “the remembering of previously learned material” The following sections of a lesson plan are scramble. Match the stages A-G with the sections 1 to 6. write your answers on the lines.
  3. 3.  A: introduction the topic.  B: brainstorm ideas.  C: sort and order ideas. 1. B students use the information and categorize it into an outline with the following sections; general facts, plot summary, opinion about the movie. 2. A students are given a handout with 3 posters of recent blockbuster movies for them to discuss what they know about them and give their opinions.
  4. 4.  In this exam the knowledge was evaluated with the pedagogical component; because, the use of previous knowledge about this component it is an important part of the advanced English course let to students recognize each section of lesson plan, relating each stage with the section and ordering their answers on the lines.
  5. 5.  Part I: you are going to read a magazine article about a book. For questions 1-7 choose the correct answer (0,32 each) 1. This article is: a. Critical efforts to liberalize world trade b. A discussion of the world economy c. a review of the arguments about world trade d. about world trade and the environment
  6. 6.  Using a good reading strategies the students can recognize the main idea of the text identifying the key words that help them to select the correct answer and indicate the relation between the texts, question and answers.
  7. 7.  Read the following part of the article about reality shows and state your position. Do you agree or disagree with reality TV shows? Then, write an introduction of between 100 and 120 words, using the information provided and your own experience as input to write it.
  8. 8.  Writing an opinion about reality TV shows students can use their knowledge about the language and the real life demonstrating their position about this kind of TV programs; also, their experience let to illustrate their writing with strong arguments.
  9. 9.  Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word given. 1. They are repairing the streets this month. ARE: the streets____________ this month.
  10. 10.  The form that was designed the use of English give the opportunity to organize each element creating a new sentence with the same meaning, this let them to improve their knowledge and construct new elements that raise up their level of English.
  11. 11. Assessment criteria There is an engaging attention getter to keep the reader interested in the topic. (question, quotation, fact, statistics, etc.) There is relevant background information about the topic (statics, history, defintion, etc.) The thesis statement clearly shows the writer´s positio, and the three main reasons, which are grammatically balanced through the effective use of parallel construction. The register of the introduction is suitable for the style required (indentation, no constraction, no sexism, etc.) Simple, compound and complex sentences are used and correctly structured (punctation, coordinators, conjunctive, adverbs and subordinators) Language is accurately used (grammar, spelling, word choice, word order, etc.) Global achievement 12345
  12. 12.  When the professor give the criteria of what elements will be evaluate, the students can organize their ideas and give the correct answers; so, the specific requirement in the exam allow to see if the students understood the central point of the course and if they use a specific ability to interpret each point of the exam in order to developed their exam in a good way.